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My first steps into making Intv GFXs

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Wow, I don't know what happened there, but my browser went crazy and pre-submitted my unfinished post four or five times, sorry about that.


Anyway, I have a couple of suggestions for the Bagman screen:


  • You can keep the blue handles on the roof of each tunnel using Color Stack mode, and making the yellow supporting beams the same colour as the background, just like in the game.
  • Like Pac-Man, the game is vertical, which does not match the Intellivision's resolution. Rather than trying to squash the screen, modify it to keep the original feel but make it work with the available space.
  • Specifically, you will need more handles on the bottom tunnel, since your thief is likely to get run over by a mine car while traversing that very looooong tunnel.
  • Perhaps you should make the screen more narrow (like the original), and put the score and status information on the right side.
  • By cleverly offsetting the tile boundaries, you could even keep the blue+black style of the tracks.
  • The lifts can be done completely by cycling GRAM on background tiles, and save two MOBs. This will require you to adjust your tile/tunnel boundaries.
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