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New Intelligentvision game/s coming soon!


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Nice guesses. Cmart604 knows that I designed most of the levels for Stonix, all the levels for Space Patrol, and all the screens in Super Chef BT. This game has to do with mazes.


I am not sure how one would implement mazes in Frog Bog so throw out all Frog games.


I do not know how many mazes the game will end up having but I will try to make as many good ones as I can.


One other hint, since it is not my game, it will not be a "Super Pro" title.

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You guys are nuts! What does a scum pond have to do with the only clue provided?


The most logical game is a rare Konami arcade maze game called Turtles. Google it.


It has been on a few consoles on pc and arcade of course.


Turtles: pond....get it?


Not the most popular or well known arcade game, but it makes sense.

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After everything Cmart has told me about you, I'm surprised that THIS is where you draw the line for "wtf" :)

Cmart has quite the imagination, I wouldn't believe anything he says. I'm actually quite conservative and boring in real life.



Now how about this Turtle game?

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You may find the original thread at:





As some of you are aware, I have been enjoying making/updating games to the "Super Pro" level. The first two were Tennis and BT. Lately, I have been working on Baseball and Night Stalker. Why am I doing this? These are the games I enjoyed playing (my favorites) when I was a kid but they got too easy to play. Tennis actually only needed a one player mode but I figured on updating it anyways.


As I was working on my latest games, I was approached by one of the great Inty programmers to produce his game. There was NO way I could say no to producing it. What I love about this title is that I get to help as I did with Stonix and Space Patrol. The game is still in development and close enough to completion to start teasing you about it.


I am hoping to release the game/s by end of the summer but do not have hard dates yet. Start saving up as this game will be Game of the Year!


Let the speculation begin!



I believe you on the game of the year part!


So many great games you have already released, thanks again for the ones you are working on and the ones from the past as well! :)

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And, now that I just read this whole thread.......



This will be a lock for game of the year!

Lock? I'm excited about the release but if we have the potential of this, a game from Carl and a game from intvnut then all bets are off. And if dZ can fit one in by the end of the year ...


One thing is for certain, my wallet will be much lighter by 2015.

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