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New Intelligentvision game/s coming soon!


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Baseball is my favorite Intellivision game ever. Knowing that you've made it even better, you need to share it with the rest of the world. I'm very excited to see what improvements that you've made and hope that you decide to release.


And night stalker new mazes. I'm there as well!

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Absolutely! Really wish the quality developers and producers would stop underestimating demand already. :)


Baseball is easily the best sports game for the Intellivision. But if you needed a metric to gauge enthusiasm for just about ANY sports title, one only needs to look at how well the new Tennis game was received.


For everything else, there's the fact people are buying multiple copies of the same game to play, "collect" or for ePay speculation.


People throwing money at incomplete, demo, hacks or amateurish brews. Money at Boxes, manuals and overlays for games that didn't originally come with them. List could go on and on and on.


Bottom line: nobody should EVER worry if their homebrew Intellivision game will sell, sell well enough or otherwise be "unwelcome" here. ;)

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Hi Dave!


Please release both of these the demand will be high.


The Baseball sounds great now, just throw in that extra sound and send them out.


as for Night Stalker, please take the time and add a few levels, I think that is a splendid idea.


When it is done and you feel good about it, that is when it should come out. no worries, no hurry!


Thanks for making and releasing your great games! Dale

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Hi Dave,

I am in for both as well.


How about contacting Keith R. about adding SP Baseball to the ATGames unit.

This gets one of the most popular games ever made in to the unit, and no MLB license.

I like all star baseball, but I am betting SPBB will be much better.


Actually, I would love all of your games in the new system. SPBT ... could that pass as NOT Burger Time? I kinda doubt it. It is to damn good.

But SP Tennis and Arnauld's Stonix would be a great addition as well.

All the Best.

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You know I'm in for a set as Night Stalker and MLB are both in my Top 5 originals. Still think a Ms. Night Stalker with a bazooka would've been cool: (from BSR site)

After Night Stalker was finished, game cartridges began getting larger in size, so Steve proposed Ms. Night Stalker, a 12K sequel that would include the web and all the other features he had wanted, including multiple weapons (bazookas to blast through walls!), multiple scrolling mazes and smarter robots. Marketing shelved the idea and Steve was assigned to program Space Shuttleinstead, which may have been a contributing factor toward Steve leaving Mattel and the game industry not long after.


By them using the term "Ms Night Stalker" you might have picked up that they were playing off of Ms Pac Man's fame and were just coming up with interesting ideas. They must have known that the original code could not support some of the features. Had they really followed through wit it, the game would have been rewritten for a good portion of the code.


I am NOT trying to gauge interest. I want to release two titles this year and am trying to figure out what the second title will be. I have 4 to choose from and you know two of them.

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Bottom line: nobody should EVER worry if their homebrew Intellivision game will sell, sell well enough or otherwise be "unwelcome" here. ;)


If I do not love the work I do, I will NEVER release something. I only believe in releasing something I would buy. I just care if people would enjoy it and if it is worth my time to produce.

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