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Princess Quest for Intellivision

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Looks good! Is there sound already? How about a video of the game-play with sound and all? :)




Yep, already there are music and sound effects. :)


I'm not very fond of my cellphone video quality, but I'll see what I can do.

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too bad there is a global ban on Cmart, he is not allowed to get any new homebrew game or hardware until 2019... :)

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have helped fund games from four different producers then....fingers crossed they'll sell me copies. :)

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Having learnt the way of spam from Rev, I would like to announce that just I've solved the last two bugs. :grin:


Still some slow-down when many enemies are on screen, but it's reasonable and seldom happens, think about it like Matrix-time :P anyway I'll be doing more optimizations in following weeks.


Also I've put PAL support, so music doesn't change ;)


I'm going to do a complete playthrough of Princess Quest this night :) and just I've selected two fortunate beta testers.

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