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Princess Quest for Intellivision

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Looks good! Here is the same *.gif in the correct aspect ratio :-


attachicon.gifPrincess_Quest_Brief_Fat_Pixel.gif <--- Click to animate


Thanks, Mark!


I'm thinking that now I've the development tools I should modify and recompile the imv2gif program :)


This is awesome, I love Princess Quest!


Would it be possible to pleeeeeeease add a rapid-fire option, though? The very thought of hammering on those awful Inty "buttons" makes my hand ache. :P


I'll include an auto-fire option like in Mecha-8.

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Well guys, getting Princess Quest into Intellivision is being harder than I thought, this combined with a coffee spill over my laptop...


I've made slow progress and now the 5 worlds and bosses are implemented, in fact every element including music and sound effects are almost finished except for some graphics screens.


Now I'm looking for bugs, some graphical glitches and some slowdown when many enemies are present! it looks like I went to the frontiers of Intellivision possibilities :D


Edit: wow! just I've noted this is almost a month after the last update!


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