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Just got a Vectrex through Craigslist! Good Deal?


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Lucky b@stard! :) Great find, my congrats to you!


Anyways, the games you have are all the common ones, but they can go for $25-35 each, depending on condition, completeness, and buyer interest. A working system can go for $150-$175 easily. I noticed some of your games have the Milton Bradley logos on them- do they all or do only some? Did you get them from another collector or from an original owner?


You should keep them, though. Vectrex stuff is only going to increase in price, and deals like yours are VERY rare nowadays. Of the one's you have Scramble, Cosmic Chasm, and Armor Attack are my favorites, though all are highly enjoyable.

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Is it made in Hong Kong or Taiwan?

Is it a Canadian model? (My 2nd Vectrex is a 1983 Canadian model. The boot screen does not have "Entertaining New Ideas" at bottom.)

The Serial Number on the back can tell you a lot.

Ones ending in A are Taiwan. Canadian ones have CA.


I think Hong Kong ones hold up a bit better, just my opinion.


I had never seen MB branded Canadian Boxes before.

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