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RAM320XE/576 order thread


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Luckily there are thousands of MOD files readily available (from ST and Amiga) and one can use Neo-Tracker to convert them into NEO format (convert from 16Bit stereo into 8Bit stereo).

Actually, the MODules have already 8bit samples. Some players convert the samples to 4bit to save space if Pokey is used for playback, but the Covox is 8bit natively.



The sound quality is pretty good, BTW. Unfortunatelly, many MODules are not replayed correctly or sometimes loaded at all. However, the wider spread of the Covox may encourage some people to release new and enhanced players.

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MINE ARRIVED TODAY!!! (1/9/2015) Haven't tried 'em yet, but THANK YOU SO MUCH, CTIRAD!


It's smaller than I thought! (That's what she said.)

Here is a size comparison to a Yankee Greenback:





Here's my Ctirad "RAM" family.....







Thank you so much for making this easy to plug-in RAM. You are a genius!

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Hi ctirad,


I would like to order 2 units:


The complete RAM320XE/576 card in enclosure 1200 CZK

Covox audio +200 CZK

ECI pass-through connector +50 CZK

Worldwide shipping for a whole package from 1 to 5 cards: 150 CZK (Shipping to California)

Total (2 units): 3050 CZK


Will pay via Paypal.


Thank you.

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I would be interested in one for my 130XE. Wonder if you can still combine it to use the 130XE memory plus the memory of this board. Have to figure the current US CZK exchange rate to get the board with everything.


I see another advantage, it makes the cartridges upright on the back of the 65XE,130XE, and 800XE. Some cartridges shorted out because they were horizontal and intended to be set upright on the 400/800/XL computers. I had to place something underneath my Basic XE, MAC/65, and Venture (in Williams shell) cartridges so they won't loose connection. We can thank the Tremials for coming up with that design. Seems like only the Atari Carts with the little slots and protector on the sides held in place.

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