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What did you buy today?.........


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Another good day. Today I visited Mega Replay in Bloomington IL, a subsidiary of Disc Replay which is a chain of about 30 stores in the Mid West which deals with DVD's, Video Games, and Electronics GREAT prices, below eBay for sure and every game posted below was $3 or cheaper each. Highly recommend.


Really happy with my Gradius find a little rubbing alcohol will get that fuckers name right off that cart.



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Got all these today from Indianapolis IN at various chains like "Disc Replay" and "The Exchange" which is an amazing chain that has damn near everything Video Games, Music (So many Box sets and limited sets), and Movies.





Got me a ton of clear cases, they were 50 Cents each so why not. All the Genesis games are complete and Tin Head is brand new.

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Today was a good day in terms of random finds as I visited Game World in Bloomington Indiana not expecting too much except the $25 Mario 3 Cart. Nice little chain that sells classic games to brand new games and GREAT staff, true game fans and they even mentioned Game Sack. They had some Neo Geo Games that have been sitting since 2012 and gave me a smoking deal on both of them and threw in the boxed NES games for free. I love finding Neo in the wild and paying less then half what eBay charges, deals can be found for sure. They had some Turbo stuff but VERY Expensive. Bonk's Adventure was $44, Tiger Road was $55. Nes games were a lil pricey but they had the rarer ones.




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Wow. I had a half day at work today after an appointment at the cornea specialist (ugh), and needed to stop by the hardware store on the way home. Because I took a different route home, I spied a coin-op airplane ride on the side of the road. I spoke with the guy, and not only did he give me two games to go with it (a DinoScore redemption and a working Time Crisis) but he also followed me home and delivered everything in his liftgate truck. The airplane ride and Time Crisis are working, though the plane obviously needs some cosmetic love. EPIC WIN!!





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WOW!!!!! A boxed NES set with many great boxed games!!! Great find!!!



Got some random common stuff in my travels recently.

Got this SNES for next to nothing, Craigslist find in South Carolina

Got all of this for $5, same Craigslist find.

Got these games from 2nd and Charles, a REALLY cool chain store in Columbia South Carolina, lots and lots of games, books, CD's, movies, New Games/Systems, everything really.

Got all these from Games 4 Less in Tallahasse Florida, AMAZING STORE. They have everything and at great prices. So many young people in there picking up Retro stuff too. I really like Burai Fighter and can't wait to play it again.

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I prefer the Lynx 1 over the Lynx 2 purely for esthetics, I know it isn't as good and doesn't even have stereo sound via the headphones.



I am a huge fan of the Lynx 1 as well. Actually thinner. :D


Today I found out about a Atari 8-bit magazine in Germany, published also in English, and bought the first 7 issues for like $16 all total. :D Great stuff.



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I wish I bought games :(

Anyways - I bought two OEM Atari VCS Difficulty Switches, a lot of 5 LM1881 Composite Sync Stripers, a lot of 20 SN74LS00N Quad-Input NAND Gates, a single BA7230LS NTSC YPbPr Video Encoder (able to convert RGB to YPbPr), two AAA battery holders, two CR2032 battery holders, 100 C945 Transistors, a 10.00 MHZ Oscillator, some heat shrink tubing, and a red and black knob.

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Just placed an order with an AA member for 32 atari 8 bit carts. Many video 61 carts but a bunch of fun titles that wasn't already in my collection. (Which is unusual for me to find that Manny needed in a shot). Pictures I hope in december when I get home and when they arrive from Belgium

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Today was a Mega Craigslist find for me. Some guy in North Jersey posted a bunch a stuff under Atari and I figured it would be the same old 2600 collection for $100 or so. Not this time, a RIDICULOUS Atari Jaguar Collection, many games still brand new, with a Jag and Jag CD. Could not believe it so I pounced on it.

I paid a couple of Hundred for the Jag stuff, a steal and really is in excellent condition.





Next I asked if he had anything else and he said Turbografx \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/. He sold me all the stuff below for $100.




Cool receipt showing the history of some of the games.

He tossed in this stuff below for buying all his other stuff.


Epic day, now to clear shelf space for my new found Jag and Turbo goodies.

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Well, I won this on eBay today. Region modded Panasonic Q with a fully refurbished/greased disc tray, along with a grey Panasonic controller :). I think this is one of the original region modded ones Play-Asia used to sell back in the day. There's a professionally insalled switch on the bottom of the GC that looks cleaner than your typical flip switch people add to these things, and I'm pretty sure that's where those were installed by those import shops.


Now to find a GBA adapter.... yeah, good luck with that, huh?





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Today, I bought Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game (Saturn) and Primal Rage (3DO) for my brother for Christmas (hey, he asked for them! I also got him some AV cords for his Jaguar).

Last week, I got Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and Thunderfox (Atari XEGS) for myself. :-D My wife and I also stopped by Gaming Generations in Stevens Point, WI last Wednesday on our way up north for Thanksgiving; I scored Cruise Missile, Super Cobra, and Cookie Monster Munch (Atari 2600), CIB Frogger (C64, Canadian/bilingual box and manuals), and NIB red box Space Invaders (2600 again), which my wife is giving me for Christmas; she's getting the plush Frog Mario and Tetris mug she saw there. :-D The guy at the store even just threw in the C64 Frogger for free ($10 value!).

In the last month or two I got Sentinel (Atari 2600), Planet Smashers and Jinks (Atari 7800), Frogger, Grimm's Fairy Trails, Mixed Game Bag 1, and Supermaze (Timex/Sinclair 1000), and an Epoch Galaxy II tabletop.

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Bought 2 different atari 2600 cps carts diagnostic 2.6 and signal carts also a boing! Sample. Unsure if it's a proto or a full version I figure an evaluation copy and some snes box onlys from here. Also got a big deal pending from the same guy.

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