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Play *every* game from 2015!

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Play Every Game from 2015

For those wanting some extra Atari gaming this is a special side competition or bit of fun and NOT part of the High Score Club Season 12. Think of it as the Cup and the HSC Season is the league!


I'll add new games to post #2 as I find them. Every game released or updated in some way will feature so keep a look out for new ones. I'll put some tables on just for fun on post #3.


Everyone welcome to join in and post comments on the games and rate them out of 10. Remember the authors will be glad of feedback and may improve their games so be kind ;)

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Fandal's excellent web site has monthly updates with new games but there are others e.g. on the Pro© magazine disk for those who purchase it and abbuc disks though most of them are released to the public afterwards.


The games / settings


Flop Magazine #58 from atari supremo Fandal has a new version of Tapper plus multijoy versions of three games including Zeppelin - all the games links are listed under the April links


Poor Dog Anthony 3 - Relaxing plot the optimal route to the sausage game!

Curse of the Lost Miner - Tricky platformer, you can start on any of the 13 screens you have reached. [Link updated to latest version with improved control when falling]


NOMAM 2015 Ten Liners Contest - Post #95 has an ATR with all the NOMAM entries including:

F*man by Bunsen

Apple Max by Cliff Hatch - read the manual!


Chimera+ tezz's superb improved version of the isometric graphic arcade adventure

D.I.T.C.H. amazing platformer - one minute to play, can you finish it? Yes! Now what about improving your score?! (play the final version not the NYD disk version.)


NYD 2015 v3:

Dimo's Quest NYD edition - more Dimo goodness 17 levels - post how many you have beaten

Strictly Gone Bananas - fun dance mat action without the mat

Master It 2015 - mastermind with a score


Boulderdash Mugen #16 - post number of screens completed (from the start of the game)

Birdfood - updated v1.2

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Fantastic idea! And great for me to know all the new games, so I don't miss one! I'm in! :)


EDIT: Ok, some scores. :-D


Chimera+ - 120

Looks like a cool game, but I have no idea what to do so far. Got to check here back later!



D.I.T.C.H. - 2000

Yeah, this is my kind of game! Like it a lot! :) :thumbsup:



Master it - 3304




Strictly Gone Bananas - 226

The design is great, but the commands are not on beat and feels random. Maybe a good start for a great game?


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D.I.T.C.H 2,800 need to play this more as I like it!


Dimo's Quest NYD Level 6 - doesn't show the score at the end of your go so just play for beating each level from the start


S.G.B. 100


Master-It 1,344 (I had one lucky go where I beat it on the 4th turn with some crazy score!)


Birdfood 856


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Birdfood - 1249 (AAAAHHH!!!! My hands!!!) ;)

Think this one will be more fun muti-player (paddles 4 players). Great Music and effects though :thumbsup:


Boulderdash Mugen #16 : Beat the first two caves 926 points

Some nice classic screens here, seems to start fairly easily (20 in total) :thumbsup:


NOMAM 2015 10 Liners Contest

F**k Man 85 quite nice really

Apple Max - genetic apple growing - maximise production - erm read the manual!! Interesting program :thumbsup:

my scores

-116 failed

89 apples

a scrumptious 177 apples :)

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Curse of the Lost Miner - beat Cave 1 :)

starting on each level allowed for this one as it's tricky but good! The thread has a version supporting diagonals when jumping further down. [Also completed Caves 2 & 3] Nice game but very tricky!!!

[now reached level 10] COMPLETED :)


Poor Dog Anthony 3 - completed Levels 1-5 on easy

Very nice easy going game.

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Played Tapper SE reached round 10 but failed to complete it (score is not important but was 63,000+) Some new graphics, great loading screen and possibly less $tips in game but still has the flaws re scoring so play for round reached. Early rounds still have fixed positions for customers, though from round 8 this may vary?


Also played Jawbreaker 2, no not that one, this one:


by Maciej Grzybek and Michal Szpilowski. Press Select to change the starting screen 0-3 not sure if this is just the layout or the difficulty or both. The original Jawbreaker (2012) looked like this but played well too. Nice work guys :thumbsup:


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Tapper SE -108500 (one of my top 10 favs!)


I don't recall the round's number but on the one before the bars face in two different directions I sometimes wasn't able to pick up the tips. The $ sign just stayed in place when the bartender ran through it

Sometimes they are picked up by other customers but might be a bug, will keep a look out and we can report back to mr fandal - I would swear there were less $ in this one. I think some nutter(!) did eventually beat round 10 when it was played in the HSC but it's a real killer - this lets the game down for me as the early levels are too easy then suddenly it's impossible. Still fun for a quick play or two though :)


I also played Wkorwek looks very nice has a funky tune, but I found It very difficult and gave up after a few screens - you have to bounce your ball (pull down too) and get it to the exit (hole), perhaps some instructions are around? Will try it again



EVERYONE: Remember any new games or any that have been patched or modified in any way in 2015 count for this round - Ramp Rage has it's own HSC thread of course ;)

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Some Scores for this year's abbuc software contest games:

Gravity 957

3 Plex 304 (retired)

Joystick Mastah 15

Little Game 4,300 (Lv5)

Jim Slide (v1.09) 58,500 110k

Toy Swap (easy) Round 10 (retired) played again got to level 24ish before time ran out.

[played again on Hard, much better game - got to round 18 and ran out of time.]

Bomber 8,950 Lv29


After a few plays I still can't decide which game I like best, but I have it down to 2 I think :)


3 Plex - Final version now out: scores 570 7x7x5 10sec. 124 5x5x3 5sec. 103 6x6x4 5sec.








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Quarrion 633 804 1,198


It is logical game which might look similar to game 2048, but game rules are different. There are two colors of tiles in playfield. Your task is to put at least 3 same colored tiles in line (or column) to make them disappear. Each move shifts all tiles in playfield to selected direction same as it is in 2048. New tiles appear after every move, you can see what colors those tiles will be in status bar. As game advances there are new tiles introduced, specifically tiles with “4” and “5” figures which can be turned into bombs. Also number of new tiles after each move will increase after certain score is reached.
Goal of the game is to last as long as possible until there is not enough free place to put new tiles to.


Read all about the game on Matosimi's Web Site




Octoplas 356

Adventure 2600 had a quick go (no score in game)

Turbo Snail, nice but too easy for too long 437 Lv19


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