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Intellivision Baseball League 2015


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I just visited the League's web page, it looks very nice. I found the following note:




Special thanks to DZ-Jay for the game programming, making this league a reality.


Please, could you remove or change that comment? I don't mind being thanked for my collaboration, maybe even say "technical assistance," or something like that.


However, I will not take credit for the game programming--that credit must go to David Rolf, who did a fantastic job in programming the Major League Baseball game for Intellivision. I merely hacked through his code to change the colours--hardly a heroic act, and some may say even a shameful one in vandalizing such magnificent work. :)



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No games online this year, sorry. Hopefully someday we can get the player colors fixed and get games streaming. No one has stepped up willing to help that so far.


Remind me again what the last problems with the colours were? If there is enough popular demand for the League, it may be a worthy cause to support... :ponder:


Exporting the games to video is not a bad idea. But I barely have the time to play one game a day at double speed, playing a normal game and converting each to web format would be a lot. If we can get the colors issue fixed by June, maybe videos can be done for the championship series.


Are you using a Mac or Windows? I use a program called Screenflow on a Mac ($49.99), and it records video from any screen or window, complete with audio, and can automatically convert it to a web format and upload to YouTube or Vimeo and all, for you. It may be worth looking at.



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OK Jay, I'll change your credit. Good point.


We got the blue color to be changed, but the highlighted color is based off the base color (blue -> cyan, red -> orange). I'd like a way to override that and customize the second team color.


I'm using windows, I'll figure out something for the video.

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I play it at level 3, so one of them has at least a chance at winning! It's hard but not TOO hard. It's funny to watch the game make mistakes, like misplay a fly ball. Also sometimes the players try to steal a base and wiggles between the bases to decide what to do, looks funny. Also strange how only one player tries to get a runner stealing when he can easily get him out by throwing the ball to another player.


I'd love to export it to video, but honestly the "team" doesn't look right without the proper colors. The Snakes are the only team that uses native colors, I can export that one as a test.

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