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New: VECTREX Joystick Kit for sale


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Hi Pingo,

Thanks for your interest! I'll put your name on the list. ?

I still need some time, since I'm also busy with some other retro projects at the moment, which I can't interrupt.

Not enough spare time I guess. Or I'm not fast enough.

I'll come back to you (PM).




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How to mount the new VECTREX Joystick Kit v3.2 (2021)


This is the content of the kit:

  • controller pcb (built and tested)
  • auto-fire pcb (built and tested)
  • joystick-cable
  • 2 pots with knobs
  • 4 buttons
  • controller stick with central screw




The two pcbs are connected with a cable:




After checking the pins and colors of the cable, you solder it to the panel of controller pcb.

Please note the four poles and screws for mounting the pcb to your panel.

At the bottom of the pcb there are two small pots for calibrating the center position of the stick with the help of a little screw driver.




You mount the pots directly onto the on the auto-fire pcb and solder the 3-way connections or you mount them completely separate on your front panel, if you prefer.

You solder wire-connections to the four buttons.

After making the proper cut-offs in your panel, you mount the pcb with two screws.




Cut the pots' wells to fit your design.




Put the stick onto the analog controller and fix it with the central screw. The screw has a very loose seat. Just turn it with minimum momentum and use a small drop of glue on the end of the screw to sustain it.



That's it!








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project update:


In the beginning, I wanted to announce the start of selling of the new batch, but due to pre-orders half of them are already gone... ?

Four kits of the current batch are left, two ready built and two almost ready, waiting for some components to arrive.

If you want one, now is a good time to send me a PM. ? First come, first serve.

They are US$ 65 each, plus shipping.

Please read the post above and make sure that you have the tools and skills required. It is not a ready-to-use product, but a kit.



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