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What Is ? ?


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Can everyone see this little symbol, if I copy and paste it here?




I keep seeing this at the end of a lot of posts, especially from Cmart. His often appear as more than one, like this:




What is this symbol? What does it mean?


I see cmart's nonsense but it shows up bizarrely. Both my desktop browsers and my phone show them as emoticons of some sort, but really shitty black & white ones. I just figured that it's because he uses some 1990s Motorola flip phone.

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After doing some extensive online research, here are some people's ideas of what the tiny box with the 2 rows of 3 characters (each) is:



"I get them on my phone when somebody sends me a smilie or whatever from their smartphone. Bascially my phone doesn't recognize the langauge."


"Its just a smile dont over think it."


"Sometimes it's spammers trying to sneak in foreign code."


"Your computer doesnt have that particular symbol or font installed. Thats all."


"To some people who might have the necessary font installed, then it might still look like whatever emoji thing it's supposed to look like."


"It's a portal to another dimension. Don't click on it."


"It means the battery needs charging, because it is empty/discharged."


"This must have seemed like a very dumb question to anyone that has the necessary font installed."


"I get a string of those whenever my computer tries to show chinese or japanese characters."


"It's a check list, check off box, or maybe something found on a ballot sheet."


"In all probability, it's just an empty space."


"Its the symbol for the CBS Sunday Morning program."


"It's a wingding with no ding."


"And to think, we used to just smile, in person, especially when it had been a long time since we last saw each other."

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