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I'm adding some fun new info to the Jumpman Reverse Engineering Notes:


Easy Does It (level 1) has unused custom level code at $2900 and $2a00, plus unused graphics at $2b00. Those graphics are duplicated in all 3 Mystery Maze levels. What did Glover have in mind?



Robots I contains a copy of graphics (and maybe code?) from The Roost. So do Vampire and Invasion.



Was a 5th prize being considered for Grand Puzzle II?




There are unused graphics in Grand Puzzle I and III.

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Could the byte stuff just be old unused level data or does it look like direct code?


It turns out that the bytes assemble to the level data in Builder (which is the level where that screenshot comes from), so it's quite possible that we're somehow seeing a snippet of Randy's actual assembly code.

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Could we get xex's for all the new levels please?


Alternatively.. Teach a man to fish...



Although we've both been quiet on this front due to other commitments, Rob and I are still working on creating new levels. In fact, he is working hard on Omnivore 2, which will make creating custom levels easier.


Once that happens we will get back to making new levels in earnest. (And continue to invite people to create their own.) We plan to release a new version of Jumpman with all new levels. No promises, but I'd like to see that happen in 2019.


So — the answer to your request is: not yet.



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Just found this topic (again) and am totally excited about this announcement! :)


I would be interested in a better and easier level editor - I made several levels for Jumpan UC (the very best Jumpman remake ever since done but unfortunately abandoned in a very useable beta stage - the author is known for never finishing his creations). I also have a collection of Jumpman UC games never released. There was one specific by a fan that is so extremely professional that it could have been sold as a new game back in the days: Collection Of Torture. Well designed level, even with new elements and new effects. If you would like to check this out I can share it.

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There are a lot of creative levels in this collection, and the level editor is similar to what's available in Omnivore 2, although it uses a scripting language instead of machine code for its custom code. While Omnivore 2 won't have a scripting language (you'll have to write in 6502 assembly for custom actions), we hope to make a library of common subroutines available.




There are also a lot that have more moving objects than would be possible on the Atari without software sprites. There's one with hailstones, bullets, AND bombs that fly around, like 20 things moving on screen at once




Another has 8 moving platforms, ala Ride Around. The editor has a path-editing feature that would be nice to add to Omnivore 2, but given my time constraints won't be at the top of the priority list.



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Its very good but its prone to rope fall off, falling down the side of the rope and double jumps off ropes.......Jumpman is one of my favourite games on the Atari, its gets played A LOT.


That said UC does play very well and is a very nice follow on to a Jumpman fan.


PS...Just incase, have a play of Jumpman Version 1 on the Atari if you have not already, its Randy actual 'beta' of Jumpman....

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Nevertheless it's a shame that the author simply stopped development without giving other people the chance to continue where he stopped. Source was never released, the author does not reply - he is know to never finish projects... :(

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Yes it is a shame, at least as you say, he could release the source...


Its still great fun and those were just tiny tiny niggles I noticed....If you want a joystick busting / throwing out the window game its Spelunker..Damn picky about movement...but I love it as well..

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