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Nap Protos for Sale!


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Thats right the original owner of the 4th found Pink Panther Proto, has his other nap prototype cartridges up for sale!



I have the following Atari 2600 Nap/Probe 2000 Prototype cartridges for sale!


Mega Mania

Pac Man

ICE Hockey

One that is labeled Dragon Fire on the prom.

Another ICE Hockey


These will be sold to the highest bidder in the following manner:


#1.) Highest Bidder on Each Cartridge wins that game, and it will be removed from the set and no longer available for sale.


#2.) The $$$ must be deposited into my paypal account in a timely manner meaning: THE SAME DAY and By Close of Business which for these purposes will be @ 5pm CST on which day we reach a sale agreement, if it is Past 5pm CST the $$$ Must be Deposited By 12 or Noon CST The Following Day! ** IF NOT YOU LOSE THE OPTION ON THAT Cartridge and it will be placed back up for sale to the next highest bidder. **


I reserve the right to re-sell any cartridge if #2 stated above is NOT Followed. I Will Check! - This is to avoid those pesky fights over Sales Done, but I didn't deposit $$$ in time, someone else bought a cartridge, I'm going to sue you situations.


I reserve the right NOT to sell if the Price doesn't reach what I know they are worth - To avoid you trying to undersell me and steal a genuine nap proto from me.


Serious Purchasers ONLY Please. ** IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THESE ARE PLEASE DO NOT BID OR POST ** It will just slow down the process I need the Sales to go as fast as possible.. So if someone wants to buy the whole lot, make me an offer, who knows the worse that could happen is I turn it down. I Prefer email bids which are for the entire lot, so no matter where I'm at I will get it on my phone and can see it.


Private msg me on here w/ Name of Cartridge and Amount Your Willing to Pay, or you can contact me @ : storm36969@gmail.com with Subject: "Atarti Proto" and put "Name of Cartridge" & "Amount Your Willing to Pay" in the body.


Pictures of Nap Cartridges Are Up for Verification Purposes, Sales are OPEN.


YES They work, and have been all tested and stored very carefully after such. Just Ask Johnathan Laneer Who purchased the pink panther nap proto from me, for $2000.00 and a Playstation 3 version 1 never opened.


Someone asked what are nap prototypes well here is the answer in a picture instead of 1000 words ;')



















PS: ** THANK YOU for Helping Us Out, As The $$$ from these are going to help My Daughter and I get the essentials for our new apartment... **


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Yes I will take pics of the back of the boards. The story on these is the same as was for the Pink Panther Proto I found, I bought a huge lot of Atari stuff from a Lady whose Husband was a developer and died. I paid $75 for the lot, 2 Atari 2600's and a boatload of Prototypes, along with alot of regular carts, controllers. YES these are NOT lab loaners they are proto's, the lot of them were verified when I brought the 4th Pink Panther Proto to light, and sold it for a pretty penny to a developer for naughty dog in california aka Johnathan Laneer I think thats how he spells his last name. I have his cell # etc.. Give me 5 Mins to pull them apart again and take pics of the backs. The procedure for all of them would be the same. Msg or email me and put Atari Protos ALL in subject and your bid in the body.





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No they are prototype cartridges, I have done my research.. You are wrong I wish the idiots that don't know what they are looking at would shut up and move on..


Forgive us for not believing "your" research. I do not know enough about how Atari prototypes were made to say whether these are real or not. However someone who has 2 prototypes of the same game does not make sense to me. Why make 2 prototypes of the same game?


If it is a prototype you authenticating these will take more than just you having done research. Anyone can toss an eprom on a board and slap a few stickers over the window and backside.


Perhaps they are real, like I said I'm glad this is not for me. The only thing I am unsure about is the 2 screw shell. I'm not sure what games have 2 screw shells like that and if they are common I wouldn't touch these for anything. That's just me.

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These are development cartridges which were passed back and forth between different companies. They were used to test new versions of each game as they updated them. If you don't believe me, fine, I don't care.. I know someone who does know what a nap/probe 2000 prototype cartridge is.


The 2 Screw Shell is how you know it is a Nap/Probe 2000 Cartridge aka a prototype. I could show you the back that has the wierd indentation thing, but you guys have already convinced me that your not sure what your looking at.


I don't have to convince you, I've already sold the most expensive one to jlanier who is a member on here btw.. that is his name. He knows exactly what they are and people that know what they are looking at will buy them, so please step aside sir, and let the people who know what they are bid. Thanks for your honesty..

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Ok, but they don't need to sit there and make fun of me and my carts, creating a mob mentality when I'm just trying to make some money for me and my daughter to survive on, Like I put in the original post if you do not know what these are please don't post..

They are real, NOT Fake, NOT Copies, well kind of copies in the since these carts were the ones used when passed back and forth between labs.. As back then they had to learn from each other, there wasn't a youtube, or even a book telling them how to do something. I know this because I already sold the most expensive one ever. Also, I'm a developer as well, on PC currently but started out on C-64's..

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They are real, NOT Fake


Seriously man listen to what I am telling you!




You need to explain to people HOW you know they are real and just saying you did your research is not going to cut it!


You can not expect to say they are real because I said so or because Joe Blow said so or because some auction where you purchased them from never said they were fake or because it is leap year!


People want solid facts, back history, PROOF!


You may have missed the recent influx of scams coming to this site lately.... so yeah people are going to be very untrustworthy.


Don't get pissed when people call you out to explain how you know. You did your research... so you should have no problem educating us noobs.

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No they are prototype cartridges, I have done my research.. You are wrong I wish the idiots that don't know what they are looking at would shut up and move on..

Seriously, what us with your childish attitude. I am a very serious collector who spends very serious cash on Atari related items. It seems you would rather be a dick than to take a second to explain.

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I'm not but people can easily Google search these type of cartridges and see they all look the same 2 screw cart cases they are all the same with the weird indention on the back. Im sorry if I made anyone mad but I'm not scamming, as a matter of fact these would stay in my collection if not for me getting scammed with a fake check for my p-active 19" tablet 1910a monitor. Now my bank account is overdrawn by 144.60 on a check he wrote that bounced I got hit for overdraft charges out the wazoo. So yes I was a little livid when I try to sell my private cllection to cover it. Or me and my daughter are screwed. I know what they are worth and I know what I should take for them as jlanier advised me on these carts as well and gave me some back history on them when he purchased pink panther. You can research my name and see my past posts about pink panther up for sale on this very site. You can google my name on here and pink panther 2600 and you will find my original post on this very site with pics screenshots and all. So I'm not scamming.. I got scammed which I hate to admit. But my loss is the Atari collections people have on here's gain. ;'(. I'm sorry if I offended anyone but yes I realize people want to be sure it's real etc.. I will give anyone who wants to make me a serious offer my phone and home address and a pic of me holding my driver's license. But I will only go to those lengths for serious buyers who want the whole collection. PS. Sorry for the long post.

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Long story short.. I need money people and I need it fast or the overdraft charges keep adding up each day hence the reason I had such strict reqs on the $ being in my PayPal. Which pay-pal has a dispute built right in to protect the buyer from fraudulent purchases. If I was trying to scam I would ask for cash or something like that. I have been saving these back ever since jlanier told me how much they were worth for my son's college, but I and my daughter moved out to our own apartment, were trying to make it.. We were doing good til a fake cashiers check put us in the hole. Now I'm trying to sell all the extra stuff we have just to cover charges we shouldn't have anyways... It's sickening that people would do this kind of stuff to people rather than get a job. Heck my brother works from home for Amazon as a manager now so people could sit home and do that instead of scamming other people out of there hard earned money. I'm disabled with crohns disease so I get a check once a month and this scam totally screwed us. ;'(. So I'm very sorry to have offended anyone.

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Shawn u make the opening bid and Hizzy yes it is related to that. Here I'll just tell u what I was told they were worth and what I should take no less than that will make it go much easier. Now these prices were back years ago when I first sold pink panther. Back then I was told they were worth 200$ each but he said I should get no less than 100$ each for them as a quick sale. That was like 5 years or more ago. Now someone please make me a serious offer.




PS. Hizzy sorry for misspelling your name, I was on my phone and it has a hair trigger spell checker ;')..


I know there is one game in this collection that no prototype has been found for yet, as I checked all the names against atari protos website and 1 was not found, so it is probably worth more, but right now I'm not in the situation that allows me to sit back and hold on to it.

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