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2048 game for Intellivision


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As others surely can tell you, it's much less difficult once you develop the strategy of putting your biggest number in a corner and not moving it. I start by building a bigger number and putting it in the upper left corner. Try to keep it there by only moving left or up until the top row is filled. Provided there's no adjacent same numbers in the top row, you can now also move right to combine numbers. Never ever move down and never move right if there's blank spaces in the top row or you risk getting a 2 put above or to the left of your biggest number. Keep trying to build decrementing numbers to the right of your biggest number (wrap them around from right to the left in the second row later in the game.) Add them up to the biggest number whenever possible and keep repeating the process.


So, ideally, later on in the game, your top two rows would look something like this:


1024 512 256 128

8 16 32 64


Then you just have to make an 8 and you've got your 2048!

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