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Castle Conquer (Extended Basic)


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I am really happy to see RXB put to good use. It's a truly powerful version of XB with built in SAMS access as well low level hardware access.

Yes it's brilliant - notably under-used in games apart from rich's in the dark. I'm enquiring to see what we can do with paged memory as regards subroutines for drawing my stuff on the screens. :)

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Castle Conquer is being made for Rich Extended Basic. The finished game will have collectable items such as treasure or extra lives. RXB's CALL COINC command makes it much much easier to differentiate sprite collisions and we can easily determine an enemy to a collectable object in just one statement. I've not done so much so far as I'm still wrestling with the Eric In Monsterland project at the moment.


When listing in RXB you can press the SPACE BAR to pause list to look at it.

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Not to belittle your achievements in any way, but this was already a feature of standard Extended Basic. :)


But RXB does have the GKXB commands MOVE (moves a portion of lines to another location and renumbers them as you wish) or COPY (similar to MOVE) or LIST "device":50-100:40 (40 is length of a block of lines) which of course XB can not do.

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