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Your house is ablaze & you can only save 3 items from your game collection.

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I mean, if the context is that I've already saved literally all my family mementos, of course my wife is safe, etc. and the only stuff left in my house is my game collection, then I guess I'd save my PS4, my PSVR and my gaming PC. It probably sounds boring but everything else could be replaced much more cheaply, and honestly I get the most use out of those things these days.


If I still had something like my original Intellivision, then I'd probably say that, but none of my vintage consoles from when I was a kid are my originals. So I may as well just replace them again if my house burns down; I'm not going to bother saving replacements. If anything, the gaming thing I'm most attached to is my PC, because I built it myself and it turned out to be the most reliable, highest quality system I've ever used. It's the one gaming item I own that I can say I really love as a unique component. Everything else can be easily replaced.

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The fire resistant box with passports, etc inside


Most of my media, especially family photos, are in the cloud, and the hardware to use it is totally replaceable. We practice fire safety quite seriously, but this scenario doesn't really worry me much. It's just stuff and I'd start over without regrets if everyone were safe.

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Try again guys, your home is in fire AND you are in the Intellivision forum.



Guess I'm "lucky" then as I do not have and don't plan to have an INTV, so for me I can just sit outside watching the house burn down thinking "If I had an INTV I'd be risking life and limb right now trying to rescue three items (one on each hand and one up my arse I guess) .... instead I just get to enjoy the blaze" .... not even sure I'll warn the neighbor to watch out for flying embers, because you know misery loves company .... with a little bit of luck he has an INTV so I could get to see what he would fish out.




I do not have and don't plan to have an INTV, and at the moment starting to opportunistically downsize.


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The TurboDuo I got at launched which I put something like $400 into for repairs and mods.


The copy of Magical Chase I bought new bitd. Besides sentimental value, I couldn't justify replacing it.


RGB moddified Super Video Arcade. Not as easy to replace as most other modifed hardware I have.

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All of my gaming is through Intellivision so...


BC's Quest for Tires, sealed

Melody Blaster, gatefold CIB

Piggy Bank, CIB


Everything else I have could replaced more easily than these 3 things but I would likely just walk away from the hobby at that point. Maybe move north and become cmart's house boy and museum caretaker.

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