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Ultimate Atari Cart (Electrotrains) Pre-Order by 18 APR 17


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29 ordered, 21 to go


If we can get to 40 orders, I will order the parts and this thing will be a go. We will still need to get to 50 to pay the balance for the SMD assembler, but if we can get to 40, we can start this process and move the timeline up.


11 orders until parts are procured!

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I'd love to get one of these. Any chance I could pay an extra $5 and get a glow in the dark and a purple case?

Sure! But, let's be clear: Do you want a Purple & Glow in the dark case (half & half)? or do you want two cases?

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Sure, one half is one color, one is the other. No swirl {yogurt pun deleted} ;-).

Camo: No.


Let's be clear, I cannot mix the streams. It would be "bad." Cats and Dogs living together sort of thing.

Yeah, until there is a cross dimensional gate that needs to be closed, crossing the streams would be bad.


I ordered one as well!

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We are one month away from the deadline. If I can get ten (10) more pre-orders, then I can order the parts and pay Electrotrains.


I still need to get to 50 to pay for the assembler, but at 42, the project is a go. I will take the risk for the assembler (I had to clear that with my spouse. 'Cuz, y'know, that's a lot of dough!)


What this means to you: ORDER ONE NOW. As soon as I get 10 more, it is a go, no waiting, no nothing. I estimate three weeks after getting the 42nd order, you will all have your carts in hand.


HOWEVER, after 18 April, the rest go to eBay. So, get 'em now.




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Well, normally extra cases would be more than $5, but for the pre-orders I'll make an exception. Just paypal me the total as per the instructions in the first post.

Thanks, I just added another $5. Figured you're going to enough work on these. Money should be sent. Thanks!

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