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SDrive-ARM preorder


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This topic opened by community recommendation (continuation of marketplace topic).

Its needed to collect requests for new device with temporary name SDrive-ARM.

Please check details with additional photos on github and video with example of functionality.

Short characteristics:

  • SDrive was developed originally by C.P.U. team in 2008 and use AT Mega 8 processor;
  • It is extension of previous project with following features:
    • Works with Atari 8-bit systems like Atari 800, 800xl, XE/GS, etc.
    • 5V compatible 32bit Cypress CY8C4245AXI ARM processor with:
      • 48 MHz core
      • 32Kb Flash
      • 4Kb RAM
    • MicroSD card reader
    • Capacitive buttons (Next drive, Prev drive, Boot drive)
    • 6 LEDs (1 green, 1 red and 4 yellow)
    • Reset button
    • Each SIO pin connected to ARM I/O pin (Possibility for functionality extension)
    • One RW/RO switch for microSD card
    • original drive ID's switchng DIPs excluded

Estimated prices:

  • PCB + Case- $15;
  • PCB + Case + pre-programmed ARM + all required components for assembling - $33 (changed position - I've decide to add all required components to simplify assembling);
  • Assembled device - $50;

Please write in this topic if you want to buy.

Preorders from previous topic:

  • ravard - 1 assembled device + PCB + Case;
  • JoSch - 1 assembed device?;
  • Philsan - 1 assembled device;
  • beamer320i - 1 assembled device;
  • gozar - 2 assembled devices;
  • Firedawg - 1 assembled device + 2 PCB + 2 Cases;
  • akator - 1 assembled device;
  • fastofruto - 1 assembled device;
  • Witchboard - 1 PCB + 1 Case + 1 pre-programmed ARM (Can add all required components for additional 8$);
  • tep392 - 1 assembled device;
  • AtariBuff - 1 assembled device;
  • Sleepy - 1 assembled device;
  • skel28 - 1 assembled device;
  • skr - 1 assembled device;

PS: I plan to start assembling at beggining of April after arriving requited components and PCB




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Which color do you need?


Not sure, I was just curious :D Black, Purple, Grey etc?


I would probably change the screws to black also, just for my own aesthetics. As long as I can find some the right size

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