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Oregon Trail for Intellivision


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Believe it or not, I've never actually played Oregon Trail. Heard of it, knew of it, but never ever bothered to look into it for whatever reason. That said, I'd like a copy please! Never too late to discover a classic. :)

Very wise choice my friend! Like many millennial gamers, I grew up playing it in school. Just prepare yourself to die of dysentery many, many times... :P

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I'm going too slow with the programming and Rev has too many games in the press... I'm afraid it looks like it will not be released at the PRGE but cross your fingers.

Naah... You'll get done within a month(Possibly in 2 or 3 weeks.). Rev will be just fine, I think. He probably going to get carpel tunnel from drawing the Oregon Trail box art on 200 boxes in a hurry. He had people fold boxes last year.


Oh 1 copy for me.

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