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Zippy the Porcupine Binary Released!


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Chris Spry and AtariAge are happy to make available the final version of the Zippy the Porcupine binaries. You are free to use these binaries to enjoy the game via emulation, or by using flash carts such as the Harmony Cartridge. Building and selling physical copies of Zippy the Porcupine without permission is not permitted.

If you enjoy Zippy the Porcupine and wish to play the game on a real Atari 2600 (or compatible) system, you can help support the homebrew community by purchasing a copy of Zippy the Porcupine in physical form from the AtariAge Store:

Watch for additional games from Chris Spry and AtariAge! We should have an updated demo of Chris' upcoming Robot Zed at the upcoming Portland Retro Gaming Expo.




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I remember on release day of the game I wasn't able to procure a CIB. So sad lol. Over the last number of years I would regularly check the store to see if the box option was available. It never was when I looked, until recently. I ordered 2 CIBs.


Today I walked with my daughter up to the mailbox and was naturally geeked to see the AA box in there. I explained a bit what it was. She's 12. She knows Sonic. She knows what an Atari 2600 is. But not really what Zippy is all about. I explained the best I could. But she was most interested in messing around with the styrofoam "peanuts". She was still excited about the game, and I was pretty sure there would be a ROM code download in there. Nope. Arghh!!! No Zippy.


I have a 6-switcher, but I don't have a CRT anymore (I'm feeling sorta regretful for getting rid of my Sony KD-34XBR960 lol), or a Framemeister. I don't roll with the VCS on the plasma. I really HATE it when there's no ROM available!! I buy the carts as collectibles pretty much. Anyways, so I log onto here to check the Zippy threads to find out what's up with the ROMs, Pretty strange coincidence (or whatever) that the ROMs were just posted up!


Thanks Al and Chris. It took awhile but you did it! icon_smile.gificon_thumbsup.gif

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