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Atari Lynx game: unnamed


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Hello Atari Lynx fans! This is a preview topic of my second Atari Lynx game: unnamed.


This project is at a very early stage. It might not be finished, it might be only a demo. Time will tell what can be achieved and what is possible on Lynx. Honestly I'm also not sure if I can manage making it. Anyway idea is that Unnamed will be escape adventure game based on graphics and some small portions of text. It will include interaction with environment (collecting items, opening doors etc.) Of course there will be a few rooms / stages. All of this will be submerged in mystery atmoshpere.


For now one, i made beta graphics. This is placeholder picture from Handy, enjoy:



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Thank you for the kind words! They keep me motivated :)


Work on engine goes not bad, sometimes I could call it even smooth. The only problem is that this kind of game (which is typical for non linear titles) creates a lot of "if''s" in code. So to keep everything together I will simplify some things for now on (like menus or items).


Whats current status? Moving, looking, taking, and using is done (in beta stage). I will produce logic for first room this weekend hopefully :)



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So.. first room created :) Need to fix some details in engine but overall it's working.


Now I'm designing more rooms on the paper. It requires a lot of thinking, but it is really fun! As a child, I painted similar things. This is how it looks (censored with blur):



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Project of game stages is completed on paper. Now I am redrawing them in GIMP :) Work goes slowly because I do it only in my free time.

I also created simple website about my games. Is is available here http://totheunseen.kylos.pl - click on Marcin Siwek Homebrew Games to access it. You can also find more info about game unseen there.

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Hello again! A lot of real life activities caused that i proceed really slowly with this project. Anyway stages are drawn. Now it's time test game engine and do some modifications here and there. Then i will start coding stages.


I also have Twitter now. You can follow news there too :) https://twitter.com/mshomebrew

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