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"Revive1027" Order thread


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Finally I'm taking orders.


Please read the following details first before placing an order here!


Before you order:

  • Read the attached manual, so that you f.e. know that I am not giving any guarantee for the installation or that the result covers your quality expectations:
    NO refunds, NO reconsignment
  • Inspect the following picture of a print, I've just created:
    The replacement rubber is at the edge of the current 3D printing resolution of silicone. The result may miss parts of letters (like here the lower part of the "M") due to tolerances of the 1027 itself and/or the rubber. An other part showed the "M" ok, but the lower part of the "7" was very weak (you may inspect the video again to notice that). If you're in doubt: DON'T ORDER
  • Prices: A single rubber costs € 15,-. Add P&P for Germany: € 2,- international orders: € 3,-
  • If 20 or more people are interested in an ink-roller for the 1027, I can offer a single one for € 5,50. If your order contains one, you have to pay for P&P in Germany € 3,- international € 5,-
  • If you find the price to high: DON'T ORDER! Since I am not making any money with the orders, an order doesn't mean doing me a favour!
  • This is a one time offer. For ABBUC members the production data is already available while I will publish it after this omnibus order for all. You can use the data then to place an order at your 3D-printing manufacturer of your choice.
  • I will place a thread in the German ABBUC forum soon too. Please do not post to both threads!
  • I will collect orders until 12th of November this year. "Paypal" payment ("present"-mode) preferred, EU customers can use IBAN/BIC transfer too.
  • Expect an additional week for the production, one week for shipment. You should have your part at least end of November.

Thank you for your attention!





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