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Robo Mechanic


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Wow, this came out of nowhere!


I really like the stylish presentation and I am fan of good puzzle games. Excellent job! icon_thumbsup.gif


Two findings so far

  • 1. IMO it would make sense to make the music switchable and replace it with SFX then
  • 2. The Game Over screen has timing problems.


One idea:

  • Use more colors, allow all e.g. blue or red or orange screens. Either depending on level or selected by the player. That would add a little more eye candy.
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Whoa. This game has a graphical style I've not seen before in a 2600 game. Very nice. Didn't even think it was possible.

Plays great on real hardware via Harmony, except the game over screen which rolls. The music would have been nice on the title screen

but it gets old listening to it throughout the game. Instructions would be helpful. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do.

Collect the screws and then touch the flying saucer looking thing? I'll figure it out. But yeah, very original for a 2600 game.

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The rules are very easy:

  • Collect all screws and return to the flying saucer
  • Use the keys to open doors
  • Move barriers to open passages
  • Collect the weapon to shot at bombs and enemies
  • Move and shot bombs to kill enemies or remove barriers

The game is "in progress" with more levels to come. It is based on a Polish Atari 8 Bit game called "Robbo",

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This game is really fun. Plays well and looks great. Reached level C but had to stop. Can't wait to see this progress. :thumbsup:


There is/was a 5200 version being worked on as well. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/252398-robbo-5200-work-in-progress/?p=3506438

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Very Nice!


There will be future games made similar to this (because I've seen one, and not the Bus Stuff demo).

The CDF bank switching even gives more time than traditionally to do bit-mapped screen games like this.


The Starpath Supercharger did a bit-map kernel in Suicide Mission, but it skips every other line.

Those Supercharger programmers really knew their stuff back then!

If home console gaming wasn't crashing so bad, the 1983 tech and know how would be more like the cutting edge games made currently.

(The Starpath prototype for Sweat (a Decathalon-style multi-load game) even has 2-channel perfect-pitch music by banging the volume register like Pitfall II music and Chetiry music does.

Sweat! - The Decathlon Game (1 of 3).bin


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