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Atari Lynx Trading Card Series 1

Marc Oberhäuser

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Hi everyone,


Maybe you know my trading card sets I have done for the Atari 7800 and Intellivision (see links down below). Currently I am working on a series of trading/collector cards for the for the Lynx (and the 5200, for this please check the thread in the 5200 forum) with the support of AtariAge for quite some time now after finishing Series 5 for the Intellivision. Today I’ve received the test prints and all in all the cards are looking fine. I must do a few small changes but then they are ready to go. The first series with 50 cards features the original Atari releases (the first 50 of them to precise).


A set costs EURO 37.50 including shipping airmail letter (to North America and Europe in a robust box/uninsured/no tracking/shipping time 5 to 10 days).

Since I have to pay the printer in advance I have to charge the amount up-front, so if you are interested in a set just drop me a PM with your Paypal address, I’ll send you an Paypal invoice in the next few days.


Some additional info:

  • The second series of 50 cards will include the rest of the regular released games as well as aftermarket games, homebrews and hardware. It’s planned for a February release. There could be a third series (I’ll have to count all homebrews, protos and hardware).
  • A series contains 50/55 cards since my printer offers a maximum of 55 cards (based on poker decks) for small runs. Therefor the splits into sets of 50 cards.
  • Quality: The cards are printed and cut professionally, the material is poker cards quality paper and very durable.
  • Limitations: It's not a limited run, but after the first production run the price will raise quite a bit due to the lower production numbers for re-orders.
  • Combined shipping letter airmail: It's possible for up to 3 sets, the first set costs EURO 37.50, the other two costs EURO 35 each.
  • Combined shipping airmail parcel: It's possible for up to 15 sets, the first set costs EURO 37.50, the additional copies cost EURO 35 each. Please note that shipping as regular airmail parcel with tracking and insurance costs EURO 37.00 to North America, EURO 17.00 to Europe and EURO 7.00 within Germany.
  • Order and shipping dates: Pre-Orders can be placed until December 30th. Production takes usually about a week, but due to the holiday season this might slip a bit, so the shipping will be in the second week of January.
  • Errors: The pictures are showing the test print. There are some errors and they will be corrected in the regular print run. Also, I have replaced the Lynx logo on the backside with a new one. If I miss something a replacement card will come with series 2.
  • Combined 5200 and Lynx orders: If you are interested in ordering a set of both 5200 and Lynx cards, the total is EURO 72.50.

If you have any questions just drop me a line.




PS: If you are interested in the Atari 7800 and Intellivision cards as well, just check back here:
























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Looks really nice! :) :thumbsup:


But where is the sense in buying a COMPLETE trading card set? :? ;)


Well, if like me you only like a limited number of Lynx games and thus have opted for the cheaper and space saving option of having most of them on the SD card as opposed to actual carts such a person may find them a useful reference as to what a games is if you cannot remember from the title alone having no boxes to look at.

Additionally you could use some of the stats such as year, ROM size, Model number, Number of players and Rarity to play Atari Lynx Top Trumps with them.

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Looks really nice! :) :thumbsup:


But where is the sense in buying a COMPLETE trading card set? :? ;)

How else is he to distribute them? Foil booster packs of ten randoms? Rarity based on the actual r1-r10 numbers in the aa database? For say 2600 that would guarantee 2 Pacmans, Combat, and an ET in ever booster pack... :rolling:


A cool idea. I once got a random 7800 card with a homebrew I purchased. Ski Patrol I believe it was.

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They are actually more of collector's item, not a real trading cards since I don't sell blister/booster/whatever single cards. If you buy something from my store (boxes & games) I also usually throw in INTV and/or 7800 cards for promo.


As for the trading card production run: I need at least 25 sets to do a run. At the moment I have 7 Lynx and 3 A5200 preorders. So it's most likely that both won't go into production. :/

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