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How Many Atari 2600 Consoles Do You Currently Own?


How Many Atari 2600 Compatible Consoles Do You Own?  

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  1. 1. How Many Atari 2600 Compatible Consoles Do You Own?

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It's gotta be well over 21 for me. I have to stop buying the whole sale broken/as-is lots.icon_biggrin.gif

Just an estimate

4 7800

8-12 Jrs

6-8 4 switch

4-6 sixers - two heavy - I think all sears

2 sears arcade II


I think I enjoy repairing them more than I do playing them.

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I don't know exactly how many I have but it is well over 50. Probably a dozen or so are boxed


WELL OVER FIFTY? A DOZEN OR SO ARE BOXED?! Holy SMOKE! :-o I'm fascinated. Where do you store it all? They're all working machines?


You guys are gonna laugh, but I've currently got just one. A light six, but it's in beautiful near-mint condition. The orange trim is all-original and there's not a scratch on it. I absolutely love it.


I would like to have a really cherry CIB or NIB someday though.


And, I guess it would be a good idea to get a beater for day-to-day gameplay so that my near-mint light six stays near-mint, right? :idea:


And perhaps someday I'll branch off into other systems. Maybe get an Odyssey2, as that's what my brother and I got Christmas of 1980 instead of the VCS we wanted. :roll:

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1 - Atari Heavy Sixer

2 - Sears Heavy Sixer

1 - Atari Light Sixer

3 - Sears Light Sixer

1 - Atari 4 Switch Woody

2 - Atari 4 Switch Vader

1 - Sears 4 Switch

1 - 2600 Jr. Short Rainbow

2 - 2600 Jr. Long Rainbow

1 - 2600 Jr. Black PAL


1 - 5200 w/2600 Adapter


One of the Vader's and 2600 Jr's are CIB.




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Somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen if we're counting compatible hardware. I'm keeping at least one of every model, and I've also decided to build more of a "road collection" of systems to take to shows and such. That means I'm in the market for more 4-switchers as the opportunities present themselves.

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I am like atari181, I don't even know how many there are in the garage and closet.


Here is a pic of my evenly stacked systems, the promo one is sealed. I various Jr. styles too.



CPUWIZ, I don't even know what to say. That. Is. AWESOME. The promo one is sealed?? From the pic, the box looks NEW! :lust:

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  1. My original factory-reconditioned-heavy-sixer-in-a-light-sixer-Sears-shell
  2. My original 7800 (expansion port model)
  3. A Vader I picked up from a friend a few years ago
  4. A four-switch Sears I picked up with my Imagic Kiosk
  5. A nekkid four-switch (no case) someone sent me to test video mods on - I just use it for parts mostly
  6. A Jr. that was sent to me for testing video mods, that I've since sent off to cd-w to run sinister bus-stuffing experiments on
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I've got somewhere around 12-15 various Sears 2600s. They were going to be scrapped by a closing game store some time ago.



You don't happen to have any with the chrome-capped switches do you? I've been looking for a set to replace mine (it's hard to tell in the photo, but the one on the right is completely trashed).



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