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How Many Atari 2600 Consoles Do You Currently Own?


How Many Atari 2600 Compatible Consoles Do You Own?  

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  1. 1. How Many Atari 2600 Compatible Consoles Do You Own?

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I recently updated my collection list so it is about as accurate as it will be for the foreseeable future. With that in mind here is all the hardware I can stick a 2600 compatible cart in and play.


1. ColecoVision Exp. Module 1 (2600 adapter)

2. Atari 7800

3. Atari 2600 Jr. x 2

4. 2600 VADER

5. 2600 4 switch Woody

6. 2600 6-switch Woody

7.Sears Video Arcade II

8. Atari 5200 VCS Adapter MODDED for Stand alone operation

9. Coleco Gemini x 2


So basically 11 Atari 2600 compatible systems.

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2 vaders (1 of which I recently fixed and returned to stock but I'll be putting a 2600rgb into it soon.)

2 naked juniors (without cases because they were way cheaper that way. I did play a little pitfall2 on both of them after jumpering a connection to do a reset on the consoles.)

3 7800s (1 of which will get a video mod once I decided which one will go under the knife)


And to think 3 weeks ago I just had 1 vader and 1 7800... but I think reading this thread will help me step back and stop acquiring.

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  • a light sixer
  • a boxed 2600jr
  • a boxed 7800
  • a loose 7800 - bought on EBay mainly to have a spare PSU just to find out that it came with a VCS PSU with a homemade plug :(
  • a loose french 7800 (which is only partly 2600 compatible as it does not show colors for VCS carts

all PAL, sadly all underworked

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3 hours ago, toiletunes said:

and a sears h6 because nothings better.

Preach it! While I didn't have one growing up, my cousins did and it was the first "Atari" console that I played. The Sears H6r will always have a fond place in my heart and its why I have one in my collection.


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