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gravity snake


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either site update or program writing - I do not have time for everything ;-)



game logic done.




I am currently trying to sneak a level design from the unpublished version on pico-8 ;-)

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added more players simultaneously on the screen. tiles that are part of a larger brick do not have to be together. control of one joystick - player switched by fire button.


like Snakebird - thanks :-)

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Snakebird is more advanced than GravitySnake - I had to rewrite almost the entire collision system.
- background blocks (no interaction with them)
- throw moving objects behind the screen
- headworms - active has open eyes, the other eyes are closed
- You can pick up items on which the second player stands and pick up the player who pick up items
look at: 10m25s


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no, not enough time, I do not have the sound yet, and I want to do some more work. I play this game practically only on weekends: /
moving objects now have elements that are not colliding with other objects and do not cover the background elements.



look at 6m33s


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I added the option to record and replay the game. The recording is empty so I suggest to play for a while and then press Esc (restart), after a while the game will start to replay the recording to which you can join at any time and continue the game :-)




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New features:

- better collisions

- improved control

- improved recording and playback function

- fast playback (idle time has been reduced to zero)

this level is more difficult than the previous one.

note: the recording and playback function is always on, if we exit by "ESC" or "die" after a short while our worm will start playing the previously saved path - we can join the game at any time just by making any move.


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9 hours ago, xxl said:

spoiler alert.


instant replay added (start game and do not move a while)




(I canot attach files - 6

Please contact us for assistance.




I have heard others have this problem, did you use choose file or drag and drop, did you use plus sign to add to post?


Lastly have you cleared out all previously posted buggy versions of insignificant or little relevance to make sure you have not run out of allotted storage space within a profile?

Edited by _The Doctor__
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choose file  - and - drag and drop

the same result.


it's probably about the allocated space. it is a pity that I will have to delete previous versions - there will be no development history.


but... how delete it?

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