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Moon Patrol body shop !


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Hey TIX, you seem full of energy, can you update these two with your enemy mods as you go?


This is the Atari 800 disk image, they'll love that!

Moon Patrol-n01c.atr


5200 version... the one we've promised for a while.

MoonPatrol 02 5200.bin


You got the sprite modding down, if you can update those two with what you've got, will be great.


The 800 version has the terrible sounding music which is, AFAIK is because of incorrect conversion from 5200 which also happens with Mario Bros. for instance.


By the way, the buggy looks red on my PAL machine with NTSC ANTIC....still have to try full PAL.


I must say I really like the new buggy design !!! A lot better than the original Atari version for sure :) I'd would be awesome if a wheel could be added, but I understand considering the low-res of the sprite that would be very hard.

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Hey Atari 800 fans out there, I ported all enemy sprites TIX came up with, and here we have the Cricket Rover:


Moon Patrol-n02c.atr


And inspired by EnderDude's three wheel design I tried my hand yet again at the arcade design and got this...



Moon Patrol-a01c.atr



There is no right or wrong, just customization of buggies. :D



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Was that the .atr or .bin for the Atari 800 version? Do you believe that version was a 5200 conversion to the 800?




I remember having this terrible sounding version BITD on one of those menu disks so yeah that must have been a 5200 conversion.


Only later I found out how it was supposed to sound when I bought a second hand cartridge (with a bunch of others) for nearly next to nothing :)


Same with MB (not the later XE version). That one also had this terrible high-pitched music and for both games I kept thinking what the hell did those programmers thing they were doing, trying to pierce our ears.....

Only with the internet I found out about the 5200 conversion issue.

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Thanks Protestari :)


Try the latest version with 3 big asynchronous wheels (ok not wheels, weird shaped thingies :lolblue:) !


I still prefer the tank tracks though...


Nice animation! Will probably borrow that.


Here in a bit I want to look into modifying the background to being more like the Arcade. Talked about that a bit in the Atari 800 version thread.

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That looks cool. And now someone might bring the cannon pipe back ;)


I have trouble designing a good tank, the gun barrel is very low.. and that can not change (with the current limitations).

But in the meantime..

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