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The Official Atari Age Secret Santa 2019 thread


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New Santa Parcel that Santabox?




This is so exciting! My Secret Santa got something for everyone in the family! ?


I don't know if it's coincidence or good research, but the Snoopy wrapping paper is extremely appropriate. My tree is decked out in 50% Peanuts ornaments, most of which I've had since I was a lad. This made it really feel special and personal opening the parcel ♥️. My kids thought so too.

Nice touch with the maple syrup... Really thoughtful "my home to yours" things and one of my family's favorite sweet enhancements any day of the week.


There were also several bags of candy that my wife quickly spirited away (small children, y'know).  I honestly don't know where they are right now, so they are safe from me too.


So yeah, stage 2 complete. Stay tuned for opening in a few days. ? Thank you so much secret Santa and family!

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Or is this stage 5? ... Space Control?
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You guys get to see me open mine in January.  Australia Post went the extra mile and missed the last delivery day at work before Xmas - My fault for living so far away from Santa HQ at the North Pole :)


Gonna chill and enjoy watching you all open these up, especially the recipient of my parcel (Hard to hide where it's coming from with an international sticker on it!)   

At least the first day back at work won't be complete hell, lol!

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Space Control got back to me with a stage layout. Turns out most of us are on Stage 7 or 8 right now.

Stage 1 - Send Letter to Grig
     Introduction and plot development. Game starts. Good luck, warrior.
Stage 2 - Hunter Gatherer
     Find and locate items. May take place in Best Buy, eBay, the Amazon or one's own workshop or storage unit.
Stage 3 - Bag and Box
      This is where you equip your parcel using your inventory.
Stage 4 - Ship!
      Takes place at post office. Usually involves a boss fight.
Stage 5 - Track and Receive
       Involves tactical coordination with carrier. Much more difficult if you play an international member or a character with more agility than strength.
Stage 6 - Water Level
       Because there's always a water level.
Stage 7 - Penetrate Package
       Breech parcel perimeter. Extract valuables. Get to the chopper.
Stage 8 - Final Battle
        The last level where you go head-to-head with your ultimate nemesis- yourself! Unwrapping ensues as Christmas music plays in the background. Hopefully you've obtained all the crystals so you get the good ending.
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On 12/19/2019 at 10:44 PM, HoshiChiri said:

My package arrived today! I was going to save it- it's been a fairly easy December in retail land. Buuuuuut- my niece was visiting.



YOU tell the 5 year old you're not opening mail from Santa!? Anyway, here's what I got:



Always down for more Reese's Pieces! I actually already have Lost Odyssey... so the next step is to check over each disc/manual & decide which ones are in the best condition to keep ? I'm amused at getting the Avengers. I used to have a copy, but I actually sent it as an Atari Age Secret Santa gift a couple years ago (since my giftee wanted the O-ring &my copy had it.) Pleased to have a replacement copy! I'm most pleased, though, with that copy of Concrete Genie! Of everything on my wish list this year, that's the one game I wanted the most! My niece was into it too:

large.425096209_Sevrin2.jpg.a67a8dfcf15a large.1266589931_Sevrin3.jpg.f3ad640ccc2


She decided, based on the cover, that the game was about ghosts & insisted we play the Ghost Game. Like, IMMEDIATELY. Sadly, my PS4 wanted to update, so she had to head home before we really got into it. I told her we can play next week on Christmas. 


In conclusion, to quote my niece: THANK YOU SANTA!

I'm glad you liked the stuff!  I was your Secret Santa and I forgot to include that anywhere, sorry about that. :)  Sorry about the duplicate game, I was looking through your online stuff and didn't find a trace of that. 

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1 hour ago, ClassicGMR said:

I missed yesterday so:


Gift(s) #5 and #6!


Everyone should own an E.T. cartridge. Such a giant piece of video game history. Good or evil. Mwuahahaha!!!


Oversized beginner pencils will be great for the grandkids when they come a’callin! ??


If it's not Ticonderoga, then it's crap!

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Ok, so it is almost 11:30 PM on December 23rd, close enough to Christmas to take a closer look at what my Secret Santa sent me.


Let's start off with what most of us are here for - the games! Two nice PC games and apparently my SS had a hunch that racing is one of my favorite genres though I didn't specify it on the info form. Huntsville is best enjoyed on a slightly older PC, which of course I have a couple to choose from.




Then we have a grey t-shirt, which is one of my favorite colours for t-shirts as they don't get as dirty as white ones and the dandruff doesn't show as soon as with black ones. To the right is the biggest surprise so far, a book on the Commodore 64 not only written by, but also signed by the Secret Santa himself!




The third lineup is a letter/holiday wish from my SS (something I tend to forget to include myself), two original old time brochures from Activision (Atari 2600 & Intellivision) and Coleco (see front page which systems), a sticker from Retrocity and a mini LCD game which I'll try later.




Of course no true AtariAge Secret Santa package would be complete without a bit of candy. The Pepero chocolate sticks seem straightforward, but the two cookies in clear plastic I'm not entirely sure how they are supposed to be served, if they need to be baked in the oven or something? Fortunately it came with instructions but it is all in Chinese (I think?) so that sets me off on an evening course in Asian languages first. There is also a handy USB adapter for the lighter socket in the car, something I didn't own since before but have thought about getting so it fits perfectly. The package is rounded off with a boxed luggage strap from James Cook University, which seems like a good model for next time I'm going to travel.




To summarize, a very nice package with a little of everything and several items to learn more about later. Thanks a lot, no longer so secret Santa!

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On 12/22/2019 at 9:38 AM, SoulBlazer said:

I'm glad you liked the stuff!  I was your Secret Santa and I forgot to include that anywhere, sorry about that. :)  Sorry about the duplicate game, I was looking through your online stuff and didn't find a trace of that. 

No worries (although I did a have a brief panic that I'd not put it in the VGCollect list- found it though!) I checked amongst my gaming friends & found it a new home. With a surprising amount of enthusiasm, even ("Isn't that like, the BIGGEST 360 game made? Yes, I'll take it!")

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Christmas Eve over here and..... WOW!!! Opened the package and I was completely blown away! ?


My SS managed to hit all the bases (and a home run too!): all flavors of Atari, from the 2600 to the Jaguar passing by a gorgeous SIO2SD for A8bit computers and Atari Age stickers, a dual-sided tape for both C64 and A8 with a wargame I missed so far (Theatre Europe), the 'Red Dead Redemption' of the good old 286 days ? (Mad Dog McCree: I never actually played this and I was always curious about it!) and, last but not least, the 2005 Retro Gamer DVD with Amiga Forever, something I had been looking for unsuccessfully for a while!! 

To top it all, a very stylish black NASA t-shirt was also there waiting for me to try it right away, as you can all see!


Once again, all this really made my Christmas special. Thanks a lot to my not-so-secret friend from Adelaide and thanks also to everyone for making this amazing community!!





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1 hour ago, ClassicGMR said:

I haven't heard from my recipient yet but tracking shows it got there.

Same, Hopefully they received them, never know these days. I've had eBay items shown delivered and then the people say they never received the package. In one case I had to refund them, in another a week later a neighbor brings it to them.

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