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UniWarS being ported to the 7800


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Hi guys:


I happened to see this arcade game being played on ArcadeUSA (a channel I subscribe to in youtube), and I remembered the game from back in the day.  I thought it would be a quick, cool port to do so I started it.


The attract mode and option screen are the only thing done so far, but I don't expect this one to take very long.













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Thanks, guys...


I have player shots basically done.  I'm doing a lot of 'zone reuse' for this port that I've never done before (i.e. the player and the player's shots use the same place in each DL because they never occupy the same zone).

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11 minutes ago, PacManPlus said:

Ok, time for a WIP video.  Firebirds and UFO levels in place.  No divebombing yet, but they are there.  Need to put in the third and forth enemies and tweak the shot collision detection a bit, but this is where I currently am:


Looking good!

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