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Atari SA releasing limited run 2600 cartridges.


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9 hours ago, Gunther said:

Don't state the obvious; they'll threaten banning.

The 'COMPANY' known as ATARI have never officially released these games on cartridge before, ever!

This isn't a dig at anyone that was involved in them (as they're being credited on these very releases), it's just a fact!

I don't follow this at all.



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51 minutes ago, hizzy said:

I would buy Yars' Return if it is an improvement over the FB version. I don't know if I have the same rom as everyone else, but it plays badly on emulation. I will try it on a harmony.


Saboteur from the AA store has a great box!

I like the version on the Evercade Atari Collection 1 (which one could argue is an OFFICIAL ATARI release On Cartridge (!) if one wanted to poke the bear, but I don't want to...if it gives you a happy to know these new versions are "official" in a way prior releases weren't, do enjoy yourself).


And @Gunther , I sincerely mean this with zero, zilch, no disrespect whatsoever... But do you have any official connection to Atari, monetarily or otherwise?  Seems like it would be prudent to reveal that if so.  And if not, well, I again SINCERELY respect your dedication to a thing that gets you excited about these releases.  I just don't hear an opinion like yours very often; most on these boards are huge fans of the AA releases, reproductions done with love and care, etc and aren't all that moved by the bigger "official" company making moves of this kind.

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11 minutes ago, Slikatel said:

Aquaventure cover has a female diver on the cover now... Isn't the main character a male?

The main character is a human in a diving outfit.  They could be either male or female, there's no way of knowing with 2600 graphics.

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4 hours ago, Gunther said:

I'm intrigued by this so-called special feature.

I'm guessing it retains high scores.  I can't come up with anything else that makes sense to be only in the more expensive version that wouldn't negatively impact the lower price version enough to use it as a selling point.

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4 hours ago, nadir said:

I'm guessing it retains high scores.

I find that unlikely, as it would require to reverse-engineer and modify the game code, and I doubt they did that. Moreover it wouldn't justify the odd shaped board for the "limited edition". The pics are too low resolution to be sure, but maybe those small components at the two ends of the T-shaped pcb extension are leds, and the special feature is a lighted end-label (sort of an arcade marquee)...



Or, more simply, a transparent case that lights up.

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20 hours ago, nadir said:

2022 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of Atari.  It is a little confusing since Adventure came out in 1979...


18 hours ago, cvga said:

Uhh, because it takes them that long to actually deliver the carts ;)


Waiting for a certain someone to come in and defend these statements. ;)

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