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Low Cost Fujinet v1.6 - Includes USB and Coleco Adam hardware components


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Today I finished a batch of my minimalistic and Low Cost General Purpose Fujinet v1.6



These are called general purpose, due to the interface its not only dedicated to Atari 8 bits computers;

the unit is detachable, a DB15 to SIO, DB15 to DIN6, DB15 to RJ12, DB15 to DB19...

allows you to connect the Fujinet v1.6 to each supported (currently or future) computer such Atari 8 bits - Coleco Adam - Commodore 64 (remember that C64 is not released yet by Fujinet team)


The unit includes all the hardware elements of Fujinet v1.6, also the Coleco Adam interface components.

Via jumpers, you can select the desired operation, if Atari 8 bits SIO or if you desire Coleco Adam Interface.


As well, the unit can be powered externally, or via the SIO interface. There is a jumper to change this selection.


The USB interface is included, in order to update the device.


Microcontroller is the same, an ESP32 WROVER with 16 MB flash and 8 MB PSRAM



A photograph:







A video of the device being operated:









Price of an unit is 60€ (comes with an Atari SIO cable);  

each additional cable such Coleco Adam takes 9€ per cable




plus 6.50€ of tracked shipment to Spain, or 10.50€ for Europe, or 11.50€ for USA, or 12€ for rest of the world.





Edited:  Coleco Adam compatibility


I tested the Low Cost Fujinet v1.6 multiplatform version I manufactured

in a real Coleco Adam.



A video, operating the device in a real Coleco Adam computer:





These images illustrates the Low Cost Fujinet v1.6 running in a Coleco Adam,

using a DB15 to RJ12


Also, the DB15 to SIO cable is illustrated, due to this Fujinet edition contains

both Coleco Adam and Atari 8 bits interface components at same time.



Here the first photographs:

























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On 2/28/2022 at 7:01 AM, phattyboombatty said:

I’m in for one of these. PM incoming…


Your unit and @massiverobot one have been sent today


You have a private message with tracking number and instructions sheet,


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23 hours ago, tlgrooms said:

Thank you.  I am not seeing the private message with tracking information.


Your unit is ready, it only lacks the Commodore 64 cable (remember that C64 firmware is not released yet by Fujinet team). 

Some of these needs to be manufactured these days,



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I received my totally awesome FujiNet device from @masteries last week. A true work of beauty at such an incredibly low cost! If you are in Europe, or even if you’re in North America, the shipping was relatively fast (about three weeks) and the device made it securely to my home. The AdamNet to DB15 cable is perfect.


Everything is powered via the AdamNet port. This device eliminates the need for any disk drive, tape drive, or other hardware peripheral. Although I do have the internal memory expansion and IDE hard drive rig, that is more or less deprecated at this point (I still appreciate having it and find it interesting and useful). With modern tech onboard, you connect to your home 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, which then connects to a repository. The repository contains a clone DIR of everything NIAD has shared with us over the years. You simply select the .DSK or .DDP image and it loads. It’s that simple! 


A couple of games I’ve had trouble loading over the years (that load beautifully) include Hard Hat Mack and Temple of the Snow Dragon. HHM is a pretty awesome game that kind of reminds me of Jet Boot Jack (Atari 8-bit). The game is exciting and speedy with no sluggishness or screen tearing. Seems like it was built with very optimized code. This one should really be converted to cartridge!


Anyway, I will provide some pics when I get a chance. But get this device if you want an Adam that makes it easy to load abandonware/orphanware!


PS: let’s put together a list of software (mostly games) that are actually non-buggy and fun to play. There are hundreds of pieces of software in there that most of us don’t give a crap about. It’s cool to have them, but they are all muddled amidst legacy software that most will never use. We could organize a [top 10] folder or something like that.

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12 hours ago, tlgrooms said:

Any news about the Commodore 64 version of FujiNet? 



Thanks for ask!


In the current batches, I added a prototyping area in order to support / add additional components;

as well the relevant signals used in C64 and Apple II (from github information) are being routed to the prototyping area.


Despite this, there are no C64 or Apple II released firmwares to test them yet,


As soon a C64 / Apple II firmware is released, I will test it with a real machine


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On 6/29/2022 at 4:09 AM, Aaron Spinks said:

PM sent

You LC Fujinet unit with Atari 8 bits and Coleco Adam cables has been shipped,


You have a PM with tracking number and usage details,




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