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Atari Mania - (in VCS Store)


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On 6/16/2022 at 8:47 AM, SabertoothRetro said:

Looks like more information on Atari Mania is available, including a game trailer.  As folks may recall, this was initially included in an Atari SA investor report late last year. 





Thanks for sharing this.  Checked this out and it looks pretty cool.

23 hours ago, swlovinist said:

Awesome idea, and it will be day one purchase for me.  

Don't know if it will be a day one purchase for me due to still not having my Steam Deck, but definitely I am looking forward to this as I believe that the mini-games and/or other ways will unlock a lot of the Atari games.  Not sure if it will be 200 (more or less), but looks to be a cool idea and I will most definitely be checking this out for sure.

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Bentley Bear getting some much needed love!  I'll grab this when it's available!


I'll get the Switch version just for the portability.  This has Wario Ware all over it and looks to be a lot of fun!  And besides... it's Atari!  :)  Look forward to all the nods to classic games... especially the deep cuts.  lol  Imagine a Math Grand Prix nod or something bizzare... that'll be awesome!  

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19 hours ago, killersquirel said:

This game looks like a must have. Hopefully there will be a little extra content for the VCS version. 

Classic Joystick support with maybe some parts of the game that use the spin feature on the joystick would be enough "extra content" for me on the VCS.

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2 hours ago, Zap1982 said:

Hope this comes to Switch.. as far as I can tell only VCS and Steam are confirmed but if it's available for Switch then I am in 100%!

I read on Nintendolife that this was coming to the Switch but I haven't seen confirmation on the Atari site.  Fingers crossed.  


If not on the Switch, then I'll play it on Steam.  lol  Not much for Steam gaming but this is a game that I'll make an exception for.  lol

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I’ll be grabbing it on VCS when it’s out, it’ll be such a blast playing it on an actual Atari console I’m really looking forward to it. I will also buy it on Switch for the portability if it’s coming out on that platform. It would be awesome if the game has extra content exclusive to the VCS in the same way as the Recharged series. 

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