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On 7/3/2023 at 3:52 PM, pjedavison said:

Bit late to jump in on this round (I'm waiting on a shiny new SDrive Max to make playing stuff on real hardware a bit more straightforward, then I'd like to take part a bit more often!) but glad to see Eliminator getting some love. I found it quite enjoyable when I covered it for a video a few years back -- it was interesting that in the "conversion" process from TRS-80 it became a completely different game!


If you'll pardon the gratuitous self-promotion (of a three-year old video):


Nice Eliminator video @pjedavison just watched it all :thumbsup:


I'm guessing you were using autofire as you didn't complain of a broken arm like I did - but this misses the burst firing feature of the game; firing a small batch of bullets more likely to hit something in the air - it's a bit hit and miss otherwise. Probably so many lives to compensate for the "loose" gameplay re more luck than skill if you are shot - extra lives every 200 points I think. Probably will feature again in the HSC as a bonus game. Big Page 6 mag fan so that was interesting too :)


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