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Collectors From Australia UNITE


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If theres any collectors for atari or any other gaming systems from australia, maybe this would be a good place to exchange ideas.



Maybe we could start the topic off by sharing our console collections. :)



SO far i have accumulated:

1xatari darth vader, 1xatari Jr, 2x atari 7800, 1xatari LYNX

3xsega megadrive, 1XSMS, 2Xsega saturns, 1X SEGA dreamcast, and 1Xgamegear


1 NES, 2SNES, 1N64, Gmaeboy Pocket


1 Intellivision and 1 colecovision........


So far the atari's are my personal favourites.

I'm staying out of the retro computer side of things, as to the unreliable nature of tapes and disks.( can anyone enlightem me on this? )

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Hello there!


Another aussie collector here. I have a fair collection of stuff including


Atari 2600s: Light Sixer, Vader, Jr (big & small rainbow)

Lynx: Lynx I & II

Atari 5200 2port

Atari 7800

NES: Original Famicom, NES (toaster & top loader)

SMS: 1 & 2

MegaDrive: 1, 2, 32x (no cables) and Mega CD II


Got a fair bit of other stuff as well, but the favourites in my collection at the moment are my Neo Geo CD and PC Engine Turbo Duo.


I know there's more australians around here, reveal yourselves! 8)



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I know there's more australians around here, reveal yourselves!  8)  




Just wanted to post here too, re: the Globetrotter thread. The cart is now in the Perth, WA, Australia area.


Anybody from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, or the other Pacific islands in the vicinity, Trotter needs your help. :)





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Another Aussie Exposed! :D


Listed below are the systems that i have & collect for:


:arrow: Atari Jaguar - My favourite system & the one i invest most in


:arrow: Atari Lynx - Just got back into it (due to 'work' purposes - play for pay :wink: :D )


:arrow: Atari ST - Selectively collecting the games that i want most (CIB)


:arrow: Atari 65 XEGS - (desperately) looking for a MultiJoy8 adaptor and games to go along with it (for multiplayer competitions) as well as some link-up games like Midi Maze, etc.


:arrow: Amiga 500 (1mb) - pretty much for collecting & playing AD&D / SSI RPG's only (CIB only!) as well as the legendary platformer - GODS


:arrow: XBOX - not really collecting for, mainly using it for Halo link-up deathmatches, and a few other titles. Eagerly anticipating the release of more multiplayer games (& looking forward to getting into on-line gaming soon)


:arrow: Playstation 1 - got it mainly for Iron Soldier 3 (to complete my Iron Soldier 'Trilogy' - with #1 on Jag cart & #2 on Jag CD :wink: ) as well as the Raiden type shoot'em'ups & good RPG's


I'm also looking to 're-claim' a Dreamcast! I want to get one again primarily for the exellent 4-P games:

- Fur Fighters (looks much better than the PS2 version - IMO)

- Power Stone 2 (one of my all time favourites - in multi-player mode!)

- Toy Commander (great fun with 4 players)


I would love to (& already plan to) set up multiplayer competitions (particularly on the XE, Lynx, Jaguar & ST's) in the near future!


Hope to hear from all interested gamers soon :)

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Another Aussie here from Melbourne.


These are the systems I collect for


:arrow: Atari Jaguar - hard work in Aust. as are hard to come across. This is my main joy.


:arrow: Atari 2600 - 2 Jr (1 big, 1 small rainbows), 40 or so games, 10 controllers(only 2 work) :sad:


:arrow: PS2 - dont really collect for, but own

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Another Aussie here, I'm from Newcastle


My collection includes:


Atari 2600 w/ 350 carts (160 boxed)

Atari 5200 w/ 30 carts (sent over from the US when a mate was there)

Atari 7800 - can't remember how many carts I think about 40, all boxed

Atari 800XL w/ about 20 boxed carts

Intellivision w/ 65 boxed carts

Colecovision w/ 20 boxed, 10 loose carts

Emerson Arcadia 2001 Mint in box

Mint NES Toploader

Philips Videopac G7000 with 10 carts

A Saturn & Dreamcast with stacks of games

SNES, NES, N64, Gamecube with tonnes of games

PS1, PS2, XBOX etc

Plus just about every Commodore computer since the Vic 20, plus numerous other vintage computers like Apple IIe, Boxed Mattel Aquarius, a Coleco Adam in box, Amstrads, you name it :)

A few boxed Game & Watches


Thats all I can think of for now :)

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im not an australian but i am a new zealander and i was readin and ive got a funvision atari 2600 clone console and of cource a ps2 but it runs all 2600 games the controlers look differnt tho and the console lookes more like the 5200 but just thaught it was an interesting topic

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Ok, trying to keep this thread alive :)


If anyone in Australia wants to trade, please email me your lists to flugle@gmail.com



I have a largish box full of Atari doubles and would like to offload some of them. Some are loose, quite a few are boxed. There's also some boxed Intellivision stuff and a few Atari 7800 carts

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How convenient


Just came back to the scene and I see Aussies are harping on as usual! :-)


I'm on the Eastern side of our land down under and have the following


My holy grail is...


1 x System X - the Atari 5200 prototype CONSOLE (purchased from Curt Vendel a while back)


Other Ataris I got


2 x 7800 with about 20 or so games

1 x 5200 (4 port) - boxed with a tonne of games, a handful of loaner carts and a multicart (that doesnt work very well hmmm)

3 x 2600 (those cheap darth vaders - only one is boxed) and about a zillion carts - many boxed and some still unopened (but dont get too excited I know they're just the common ones)





2 x BBC Model B & disc drive (yes both have DFS)

1 x BBC Master with 3.5" drive

1 x Sinclair ZX-81 Boxed (with ram expansion)

1 x Sinclair ZX (with one of those funny drives, printer, joytick splitter etc)

2 x Commodore 64 with DD etc etc with 5 drawers of games on tape & disc

1 x Vic 20 with about 20 carts

1 x VZ-200 with a few games etc



Colecovision with the add-on devices (like the converter & steering wheel)

Phillips TVG Pong like console


Oh and a PS2 ;-)


I have a few arcade machines too - an 80s drag racer thing and a few mame cabinets.


I also collect old computer mags - my fav being CU (Commodore User) - I've even got the first 8 of them :-) - C+VG is also another classic. I have a library of computer mags - numbering about 300 (at a guess) with the oldest being late 70s...


I am sure I've missed a few as I'm at work sitting in my lunch break at this and trying to recall what's in my games room.


And yes... I AM *considering* hiving off some of this stuff cuz I am thinking I need the dough... Will have to take a few picks of my games room first though! (It's great in winter - really warm!)


And please dont ask to buy the System X for 50 bucks! :P

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ozatariprincess wrote:

I am from Sydney and have a variety of consoles they are:  


Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Master System 2, Sega Mega Drive, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Game Cube, Atari 2600, Game Boy, X box and Play Station 2. Although at the moment I am focusing on collecting for the Atari 2600.

Ohh... no Atari Jaguar :sad: Why does everyone here collect primarily for the 2600 :ponder: Maybe i should be checking some of them 2600 games out - i do remember playing SW: Empire Strikes Back and Enduro and having much fun with 'em :) But i must say, now that i also have a Nintendo GameCube with SW: Rebel Assault III i much prefer playing this over the 2600 Star Wars games :D

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Hello all Aussies and NZ people looking at this site. I have a quick question regarding my US Jag and US jag CD unit. where in Australia can you get a power supply that will run these??? i tried one from dick smiths and they dont have what i need. what do other people use....i heard an aussie snes power pack will work but not sure???


thanks Lee

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Hi guys,


I'm from Sydney. My collection includes:


Atari 8-bit:

Atari 130XE (2)

Atari XEGS (2)

Atari 800XL

Atari 1050 Disk Drive

Atari XC12 Program Recorder

Atari 1010 Program Recorder

Atari XF551 Disk Drive - broken :(

About 60 carts and various diskettes, tapes, books, magazines and manuals.


Atari ST:

Atari 1040STe (4MB)

Atari SC1435 Monitor

About 25 original disks and various diskettes, books, magazines and manuals.

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FYI - dont buy the SNES power adaptor for the Jag. it doesnt work. you can get a power supply from dicksmiths.

my jag collections is up to 35 games now.

2600 games is 60 different carts

7800 games is 4 - this is slow as i dont see many on ebay and when i do they go for too much.

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