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10 hours ago, Swami said:

This is untrue that it is complete, right? Or did some copies of Space Shuttle come without the switch overlay?



I believe some came without the overlays, as I remember having to watch out for that when I was looking for a complete one.

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25 minutes ago, Isaiah Austin said:

Forget about Atari 2600 Extra Terrestrials as the most expensive Atari 2600 item on eBay! Check this out! :-o

yes but...

Hit BUYIT NOW and I’ll throw in a 1981 DeLorean DM-12 Automobile as a bonus !!!

The carhas been restored and updated by DMC Houston and only has 32,000 miles.

Don’tpass up this once in a lifetime deal.

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Rare?  Certainly. The outer box is rarely seen, but really with this price?  ? The same seller was selling a Tank Plus with the same type of outer case starting at $100 last week. He cancelled my bid when he realized what he had and took it down. 




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New (to me at least) and strange. Random common game carts with somewhat intriguing labels for movie-based games. No homebrew or hack games on the cart, it's just a unique label on a common random game cart.




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On 11/5/2019 at 3:42 PM, Swami said:

Also it isn't as rare as the seller is making it out to be. As I literally got one of these exact units about a year ago for about $20+ shipping from SGW. I then made a video about it and found out a few others had this particular pong unit as well. One of the most recent comments on my video is from someone that just found one a bit ago in a thrift store for $5 stating it looked brand new...Hmm...?


Also the game select ant switch is different from the one that came with mine. I'm pretty sure everything in mine is original too. They are also missing the actual owners manual and power supply adapter that it came with. Or at least mine came with those items. But I do NOT have a warranty sheet with mine. Though very little exists information wise on this particular pong unit, it is just using the standard pong on a chip that was stupid common back then during the pong craze. Also, based on other info sent to me, it looks like my guess about these being made in August of '76 and sold after that was pretty bang on. Someone sent me a scan of a Penny's ad from September of 1976 showing these things for sale for the low cost of $69.99. 

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