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Hack'em! / Hangly Man combined :)

Nukey Shay

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Same here...all modes seem to be working normally. I had a couple of monsters "try" to go in the walls, but they were corrected almost immediately. But I'm more suspect of the timing issues after reinserting that bit of code (since it adds up to 34x4 cycles each pass through the game loop). If there are no rolls to see and no monsters to correct, this thing is final.



I feel like I just gave birth!  To an accountant!!
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If there are no rolls to see and no monsters to correct, this thing is final.


Nukey, I just got done playing through fast/smart Hack 'em three times. (Twice to the 2nd bell and once to the first key, this thing is harder with the new ghost patterns! No that that's a bad thing. :wink: ) I've got no issues to report! :D


Wrap it up and put a bow on top. I think you're done! Let me offer a huge "thank you" for all of the hard work that you've put into this over the past 9 months! I think that I can speak for almost all of us in saying that THIS is the 2600 Pac-Man that we've always wanted.


Now, the only question that remains is who will be willing to put the thing onto cart? :ponder:

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Any possibility for an AtariAge cart? Or does this fall under the infogramesAtari sistuation?




SS gets my vote for best anti-Infogrames avatar. It best describes what is happening to the Atari name (again)

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Nothing to do with Infogrames...it's not a hack of an Atari-owned title. The ball is in Eric's court and he owns the whole deal, but chances are that he won't touch it for a number of reasons (me hacking it without permission to begin with being the main one AFAIK). His being worried about Namco doesn't help matters - that's the reason that he altered the game to be un-PacMan-like half a decade ago. But all of this is speculation.


Consider it to be similar to "fanfiction". The content has been changed around and posted for everyone to enjoy, but chances are slim that it will be made into a paperback...and even slimmer that the copyright holder would pick it up for sequel-material.


Getting it on a cartridge is still possible tho...but let's see how well you can say "Arr" first :ahoy:

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