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Mental Kombat Winner and Update!


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Submissions/MentalKombat_JasonParlee_3.htmlThe winner of the Mental Kombat Label Contest has now been chosen by the game's creator, Simon Quernhorst! Congratulations go out to Jason Parlee, who won the contest with his third label submission. Jason will receive a signed, numbered and boxed copy of Mental Kombat, to which his winning entry will be attached. We wish to thank everyone for their participation in this label contest, and as always, we sympathize with those who have to pick a winner when so many great entries are received. Please be sure to check out the Mental Kombat Development Page, which Simon Quernhorst has updated with new information and screenshots.


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Originally posted by sambo:

Did anybody else notice that the man's image on the "Mental Kombat" label is Dennis Quaid from "Enemy Mine?"


Phew, I thought that was Val Kilmer.


Do you think he'll be mad?


If he ever finds out, I'm sure he'll claim an MK cartridge for free.


Do you think the studio will sue?


That particular studio is located in Bavaria. Bavarians don't sue other people over crap like that. They have humor.




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I'm quite disappointed that this rip-off ultimately won. It shows so little appreciation for artists' work, both the artists involved in the Enemy Mine poster and the artists that created original works for the Mental Kombat contest.


Perhaps someone should rip the ROM from Mental Kombat and sell it without paying Simon anything. Perhaps then he'd understand.

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I agree with the majority, if there was a problem with the label, it should have been brought up before the contest finished. I am 100% sure it was not. People only started whining after it was chosen as the winner. Perhaps Moycon could find a picture of some sour grapes to go next to his bologna sandwich (I'm setting you up man...don't let me down!!!)


Congrats to everyone involved with this (and the other recent label competitions), it has made me go out and start getting tools together so I could try and compete next time!!

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Now dems some SOUR FRICKEN grapes:




Just like them there panty waists complainin after da fact.


Oh by the way. In case anyone was wondering. These are the grapes from the movie "French Kiss" I hope Meg Ryan don't sue me.


[ 01-25-2002: Message edited by: moycon ]

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Originally posted by Raccoon Lad:

I'm confused, didn't this happen already? Am I stuck in another time loop?


Well, it happened, kinda-sorta. One day at the end of December, Simon announced the winner, but unfortunately his message was truncated, as that was the same day we were having all sorts of problems with the message boards. So I had to delete his message, although from what was there it was clear that Simon chose Jason Parlee's entry. However, there was some angst at the fact that Jason used some movie poster art in his label, so Simon decided to give it some thought for a bit. Until now, there really hasn't been an "official word" on the outcome of the contest. The holidays certainly helped contribute to the lag.


I'm glad to see that Simon stuck with his original choice, and to finally have some resolution over this contest.



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Nice one Moycon, as for you naysayer, and all the ones on the last thread (you, and I know who you are) - please just shut the hell up, your designers rights are not affected by this competition. I myself am an illustrator (amongst other things ) and you don't hear me bitching. Its a great label, Jason is a top bloke, and who the hell even went to see Enemy Mine anyway? (rhetorical question - I dont actually need to hear about your cinema visits )

"Perhaps someone should rip the ROM from Mental Kombat and sell it without paying Simon anything. Perhaps then he'd understand. "

Good grief. And YOU were worried about copyright theft!!


Moycon, you must have the largest library of digitised food in the western wordl!

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I can tell you that I didn't "start whining" until the decision had been made because I didn't know it was a rip-off until someone posted a link to a picture of the poster after the fact.


I believe that Simon has made a very big mistake and I'm not backing down. This is not sour grapes, this is concern for the retro gaming scene due to my association with it. We have enough problems with legitimacy because more people treat emulation as a free source of games, not as a preservation technique. The last thing we need is to start using copyrighted imagry to promote new stuff.


I will therefore voice my disapproval wherever this label is mentioned.

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Hi, everybody!


The decision was made and I'm quite happy with the final picture. At the moment Jason and me are working on the manual and the package.


At the moment I still need to implement the PAL-mode for the game-screen, all the rest works pretty fine. My hard-drive refused booting up yesterday and my last MK-backup was made on christmas, but I finally managed to get the PC booting again and no important data was gone... phew!


BTW: I'm not going to earn a buck or two on MK, I will just try to get my costs back. MK is made for the 2600-scene and not for my porte-monnaie...


Best regards,



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