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About this blog

Talking about the game characters from Atari Jaguar games *.   Names such as Rayman, Bubsy, Zool, Dizzy, and Kid Kleet immediately come to mind.   Also includes the characters from the Atari Kart/Merlin Racing * franchise, and other characters.   If you have a Jaguar game character you want featured or have material to share, contact "doctorclu".


See also the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog...



*Some related Nuon material will be thrown in as well.


Entries in this blog

Skullcrusher from Ultra Vortek

Over in the Jag 64: The Atari Jaguar 64-Bit Group there is C Austin Cox who is apparently a big fan of Ultra Vortek and had at least one figure concept made for Skullcrusher.     When asked about the figure, it's on display, virtually.    "Just CGI. I mean, I could technically convert the 3D models to STL format, then 3d print and assemble the figures (with some painting). But these are just computer generated images (CGI) from my demented mind..."    Cool stuff t


doctorclu in Skullcrusher

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