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Talking about the game characters from Atari Jaguar games *.   Names such as Rayman, Bubsy, Zool, Dizzy, and Kid Kleet immediately come to mind.   Also includes the characters from the Atari Kart/Merlin Racing * franchise, and other characters.   If you have a Jaguar game character you want featured or have material to share, contact "doctorclu".


See also the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog...



*Some related Nuon material will be thrown in as well.


Entries in this blog

Soccer Kid/Kid Kleet - Plushie

Good morning, this is a quick shout out for those that like Soccer Kid and plushies, there is one available on ebay currently...     They usually come like this.  Bundled with a Telegames release of Soccer Kid for the Gameboy Advance.  A good version too as far as I'm concerned.   Size wise as a plush, actually smaller than the Bubsy plush,     which is actually quite small shown here in comparison to a Sega Genesis cart, and various buttons.
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