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It's no joke...



It's actually a lot of them. I have screwed my sleeping habit up really bad now. I've been sleeping for a few hours every few hours instead of sleeping for 12 hours straight. Now it's 1 a.m. and I am awake now. So I tried to come up with some banana jokes for my banana joke book. I had one idea for a joke, but I apparently was in a really jokey mood because I filled up two pages' worth! Here's a sampling of my midnight work.


What month should you open a banana?



How many bananas does it take to change a lightbulb?

A bunch of bananas for a bunch of light.


What are the bunches of cut-up bananas you put in your cereal?


Why are bananas so popular in Budapest?

It’s filled with Hungary men.


It takes exactly 3.14 bananas to make a banana cream pi.


So I now have 88 pages left until I complete my joke book. Unless I decide to quit early because I can't really think of anything else. A thing I like to do is insert bananas into jokes that normally don't have bananas in them, as you can see above. As it turns out, you can insert a banana into just about every joke imaginable. But if I do that, it just becomes a standard joke book with a banana emphasis. So I try to come up with my own banana jokes.


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