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No new music.



So I wasted a whole day trying to put in a new composition. I tried and tried but it just wouldn't cooperate with me. So I'll have to give up on that since nobody seems to want to help me on Discord. One thing I did do was make the score more visible.


Another thing I did last night was make an intro for the act.


But I guess I won't be able to add any more music since the compiler is being a jerk and hating me for no apparent reason.


I have an idea for the final boss fight (if I'm able to get that far programming this thing) You know the Intellivision game He-Man, where he dodges stuff with a shield to get to the right side of the screen to fight Skeletor? It'll be a lot like that only he'll be shooting at Mr. Germ with a squirt bottle of soap, and getting to the right won't do much of anything, except for touching Mr. Germ will decrease your score. The B button will be for shooting, and the A button will be for shielding Mr. Germ's dirty attacks.


Tomorrow I will attempt to put the soap in the store.


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