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Leaves of Grass



So I worked on Frank the Fruit Fly, trying to get a better Super Game Boy border in. I eventually did. So then I played it. I ran into a couple more bugs that needed fixing. So I fixed them. I put more realistic grass in. I used the same grass I put in The Ants cover. I saw that grass on that cover and thought "That looks like it could go in Frank the Fruit Fly's Super Game Boy border."


I thought it would look better. Although I sadly had to get rid of the clouds, I think it looks a lot better than what I had before. I moved the border data to bank 7. It was in bank 0. Now bank 7 has just 5 bytes left in it. I am glad everything worked out in the end but am wondering why it took up so much room. As you can see, it's still quite simple.


I was asleep Sunday a lot. I finally woke up at 3 a.m. Monday. I had to go to the bank. It's sad that the bank isn't open at midnight so I could go then. I went to Burger King. I got a Whopper and fries. And they were yummy. I saw an ad for their frozen drinks. I assume a frozen strawberry Fanta would be good. Taco Bell has a similar thing called a "Freeze", which is just shaved ice with sugary flavored syrup.


I don't like my name, but I'm glad it's short so it fits nicely on title screens of the games I make.


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