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Ran-over Possum Man!



Batman has the powers of a bat. Spider-Man has the powers of a spider. Even Superman has super powers. But what does Ran-over Possum Man have? Why, the powers of a ran-over possum, of course! I wanted to restart Stupidman, but this time do it on the Game Boy even though I never finished the NES version because my NES graphics stink big time. Seems kind of odd though that I want to restart the game on a console that uses 4 colors.


So I went to work on Ran-over Possum Man this morning. I made it as far as a title screen for today. I'm trying to make this the best Game Boy game I ever made, even better than Frank the Fruit Fly. I'm trying to make long songs and good graphics for the game.


Basically it will be the same as my NES Stupidman game, although it will be Ran-Over Possum Man going after the evil Mr. Germ. I'll try to contain each level to one bank. The title screen alone in bank 0, I only have 18% room left. And it's only the title screen. So I guess I will have the game start on bank 1.


Before I get too far in the game, is it "rAn over possum man" or "rUn-over possum man"?


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