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You learn something new a lot

Perhaps not every single day.   I am working on a Game Boy game with multiple banks. Yet the ROM size finder only showed 1 bank., even though I had stuff in 3 out of the 4 banks. Since I learned how to put "#pragma bank x" to put data in a certain bank, I thought I'd try it with the code for the game. And yes, it works. And now the ROM size finder shows all 3 banks I have stuff in.   Before I did that, I guess the compiler just shoved everything into one bank. Since I did tha

It's Sunday once more.

It just turned Sunday about 30 minutes ago. I think the hardest part of my ultrasound will be the required fasting for it. I don't know how long I'm supposed to. They're supposed to call here later this week to schedule it.   Today begins a giant heatwave here. It's supposed to get above 100 degrees today. And above 105 tomorrow.   I bought a Game Boy game, the first in a few months. I found Ren & Stimpy: Space Cadets for $8. Can't beat that! I also got from the same sell

Ugly Uppity Umpire update - July 27, 2023

I had to give up on Legend of Helga since I think it was too ambitious a project for me. So I went back to working on Ugly Uppity Umpire. As the levels get created, the more difficult it is to make new ones. I have 13 more to make before I get 50 (level 37 is already designed). If I think I can do it, I may make 56, which can be divided by 8 evenly to make things good and round them off. But I don't know. Another hard part about this is thinking up the passwords for these levels. My bu

The Legend of Helga (part 4)

I finally got the tree collision working. Well, sort of. You can move behind the tree without stopping. Oh well. I woke up at three this morning so I've been working on this for almost four hours. But you can go into the shop and be greeted by the shopkeeper. Since I have to keep a "catalog" of sorts about all my void and int functions, I decided I'd best try to get some more room for them in bank 0. Instead of 8% room left I now have 17%. Stuff I want to do tomorrow: make it so

The Legend of Helga (part 3)

This morning I added an info screen. The people in Helga's land use beans as currency. So a common saying in the land is: to be "beanless" means to be broke. So Pink is beanless. He needs to find some beans before he can get in the shop. And once he gets in the shop with a few beans, he'll then learn the horrible truth: The only toenail fungus remover in the land is owned by the evil Nanog, a huge, evil creature that has tons of toenail fungus so he has hoarded it all.   I am

The Legend of Helga (part 2)

So I began work on level 1. As in Frank the Fruit Fly, each level will be one bank large. Our hero can walk around now, but that's about it. I will make it so if you press Start, you will go to your inventory screen and see what you have. I'll also add an enemy here to defeat, but the ultimate goal here is to get to the Shop. There you will learn you have no money! And then Pink's quest begins.   To aid me in the making of this, I put in Link's Awakening in my Game Boy. It wa

The Legend of Helga

I got bored. I wanted to work on some Game Boy programming, but I didn't want to work on Ugly Uppity Umpire. So I made this. I don't know whether or not to turn it into a full-fledged game or not. Then I went to sleep for about 16 hours and woke up and worked on it some more. You can view the result of my boredom here in case you care. I filled up quite a lot, I only have 8% of the bank left, which is kind of weird since all I have in the game are a title screen and intro. Oh well. I tried this

Superhero Man - level 3

So I worked on level 3 today. Got it working. I went back and fixed a bug pertaining to level 2. Well, not really a bug, but it was something I noticed while replaying the game. Superhero Man's legs and feet were kind of wonky. So I decided to fix them. His legs no longer stop moving when he stops walking. They both are on the ground, so he's standing. Same here for the raisin room.   Next is level 4: The grocery store. Superhero Man needs to find the bar

Superhero Man!

One of the things I didn't like about working on "Ran-Over Possum Man" was the name. So I tried long and hard to think of another superhero name. Then it hit me. Most every superhero has the "man" suffix: Superman, Spider-Man, Batman. So why not just say he's Superhero Man? So that's what I am doing. This involved changing all instances of "Ran-Over Possum Man" to his new name. Even the Super Game Boy border. When that was done, I tried to make a new level. But I couldn't make the stup

Ran-over Possum Man (part 4)

Today I spent all day trying to get the walls to activate so Ran-over Possum Man couldn't go through them. I spent almost 8 hours on this stupid puzzle. So then I go to the NES Stupidman code to see just how I did it. After attempting to look through GoSub and Frank the Fruit Fly code trying to do the same thing. Then, at about 1:45 p.m., 20 minutes ago, I found the solution. I decided to put some pictures on the walls, because it's a museum after all. So I'll quit work for today becau

Ran-over Possum Man (part 3)

Worked on this again today. Discovered I need to put in multiple copies of the same song in different banks to use it in different banks. I guess it's okay since it's not a very long song, but it seems kind of wasteful of space. Yes, I know I spelled "museum" wrong. I fixed that. This is the intro to level 2. The password for level 2 is "ABBABABB." Like I said, you use the A and B buttons to enter passwords. I wish I could make it so the game goes back to the title screen when it'

Ran-over Possum Man! (part 2)

I've been working on Ran-Over Possum Man some more.   I got passwords working. This will be a password game. So because of this, it won't have a score. It will be one of my "get to the end to beat it" video games. People seemed to buy Jack and the Beanstalk for the Odyssey², so I guess that's okay.   I also got the intro to level 1 finished. Bank 1 will have level 1 and the level intro screen. I think there should be more than enough room to put level 1 in. The plot is the sa

Ran-over Possum Man!

Batman has the powers of a bat. Spider-Man has the powers of a spider. Even Superman has super powers. But what does Ran-over Possum Man have? Why, the powers of a ran-over possum, of course! I wanted to restart Stupidman, but this time do it on the Game Boy even though I never finished the NES version because my NES graphics stink big time. Seems kind of odd though that I want to restart the game on a console that uses 4 colors.   So I went to work on Ran-over Possum Man this morning.

Level 4

Here is level 4 of "Golden Pineapples". And here it is solved using just ten moves. Is there a way to solve it using less moves? I don't know, but I do know there are multiple ways of solving this puzzle. Ten moves is the fewest I have used to solve this one. I also made it so the pineapple select sound does not play if you try to move a space without a pineapple on it. That may have caused some confusion. So now I guess what's left of this game is make some more le

9 pineapples

I made some major changes to the code since yesterday. I got its compiling time down from 3-4 minutes to about 2. I also made it so I can have up to 9 pineapples on the screen. I changed the pineapple's landing sound. I added a Super Game Boy border. I did a lot of things. Except add new levels. But now that the majority of the "engine" is done, I will spend more time working on level design. I moved some stuff around. For example, I was taught how to move the Super Game Boy border awa


So I decided to cut the music in-game. To make it so it's not totally quiet, I added a few sound effects: one for successfully moving a pineapple, and a buzz for trying to make a move that isn't allowed. I changed the title screen music. I also made a third level and added a way to select levels. On the title screen, you can press up or down to select a level and start to start it. I have a hard time with this level. It usually takes me several tries to complete it. So I'm keeping it i

icons larger than 16x16 pixels

So I was working on making an icon for my website about my Game Boy game I have been working on. I needed a pineapple icon. So first I shrunk the picture down to 16x16 pixels using Photoshop. It looked horrible. So then I got an idea: What if I try to make an icon bigger than 16x16? So I made this 96x96 pixel one. It worked: It shrunk it down to 16x16 and it looked a lot better than the one I tried to make that was 16x16 pixels.   On that website, you can download and try the game for

Pineapples on Game Boy.

Since my avatar is a pineapple, and I finished Frank the Fruit Fly, I decided to make a new Game Boy game. This new game will have pineapples in it. But what do they do? Jump over each other like leapfrog. Only when you jump over a pineapple, it disappears, like in checkers. There is another game that does this for the Game Boy. But I decided I want to put my own spin on it and see if I could make it better. The title screen. Press start on it to reveal the grid. If I finish
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