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Ran-over Possum Man (part 3)



Worked on this again today.

Discovered I need to put in multiple copies of the same song in different banks to use it in different banks. I guess it's okay since it's not a very long song, but it seems kind of wasteful of space.


Yes, I know I spelled "museum" wrong. I fixed that. This is the intro to level 2. The password for level 2 is "ABBABABB." Like I said, you use the A and B buttons to enter passwords. I wish I could make it so the game goes back to the title screen when it's done instead of freezing because I didn't put code further in yet. But it won't let me. Which I guess is okay for now.


I had a horrible eye ache yesterday. It was hard to work with it hurting a lot. But today I got done with what I wanted to do: Put in the intro for level 2. What's next is putting Ran-Over Possum Man in the museum and have him move around in it. What I'd need to do in order to do this:

  • Design some rooms for the museum.
  • Put in code so he doesn't go through walls.
  • Make a separate room where the raisin was in.
  • Make it so he can't exit the museum unless he goes in the the room where the raisin was.

A lot of stuff, but I suppose if I can do it for the NES version, I can do it for the Game Boy too. I think since that's a lot of work, I'll put it all in bank 3 even though I have a lot of room left in bank 2.


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