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Stupidman Redux



I like feedback on my games. It helps to make them better. So when I got some that I agreed with about the game's maze parts were too boring (for lack of a better word), I agreed and decided to get rid of two of the three of them. Today I worked on replacing the hideout maze with this.


It is a lot like the giant's room in Jack and the Beanstalk for the Odyssey 2 I made. Differences:

  • the boulders fall down instead of being thrown across.
  • instead of starting over in the same room, Stupidman continues, although 200 points are subtracted if a boulder hit him.
  • Stupidman automatically climbs up the ladder.

After four screens of this, then the final battle between Mr. Germ begins. I once had Stupidman ducking when down was pressed, but got rid of it when I decided to make the boulders fall instead of thrown across.


So the other maze I am going to replace the museum. I have no idea what I will replace it with, but it needs to be something like: [thing], [raisin room], [first thing but backwards].

I am sleepy and I need to go to sleep but my stomach hurts. What didn't exactly help was I just had a blueberry freeze from Taco Bell. So sometime I will go to sleep when I can get some time when my stomach doesn't hurt.


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