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Finishing up again.



So I went ahead and made the last changes. I got an idea for the museum screen. I made it like the old Atari 2600 homebrew "Elevators Amiss."


This is definitely not a wheelchair-accessible museum. I also made it so the music doesn't stutter while the flying boxes are hitting you for long periods of time. I am guessing the limit for sprites on a certain row is 10 (same as the Game Boy) since it can reach that and do it without flicker.

I also found that the layout of the grocery store was all wrong, so I had to fix that. I designed a whole new grocery store layout.

When I was finished with that, I decided to make it so the soap is on a different screen each time you play it.

I need to figure out what the boxes can be. They're just temporary placeholders until I can think of something to replace it with.

I also changed the color of the word "Stupidman" on the title from green to blue.


So I spent Friday morning and Saturday morning working on changing it.


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