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Still icy



This afternoon we're supposed to get .1" to .25" of freezing ice. So I think if we get past this we should be in the clear since it's going to be above freezing starting early tomorrow morning. Right now it's still cold, 18 degrees. My stomach hurts. I don't know if it's due to the anxiety of freezing ice or if I ate too much during this all. It's a good thing toilets aren't electric because I think I'm going to need one today.


While still having power, I worked on Pokemon Mini programming this morning, adding a "paused" screen (press C to pause and unpause the game). I think this game will be above 32k, but nowhere near 512k. Perhaps I'll make some more games and fit them in there and make a minigame collection like the one I had been working on for the Virtual Boy. My Virtual Boy keeps staring at me, lol.


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